Datta maata 38: Influence of planets; story of Maharishi Pippalada

Few argue that planets influence us whereas few others opine otherwise. Let us keep that discussion aside. However, some or the other force drives this entire creation including humans. It is some invisible energy. Our elders have named that energy as ‘planetary force’. In order to counter the influence of such force on us, we must try to pacify them by performing “Shanti”, a ritual. Shani (Saturn) is the most powerful amongst the planets. Everybody knows this. Our elders suggest us that we must perform “Shanti” to reduce the impacts of Shani. The procedure to perform shanti was laid down by sage Pippalada. The effects of Shani can be pacified by reading the Shani stotra written by him. This is known to the world. Many saints have written many stotras but how did the stotra written by Pippalada become so famous? If we think deeply, we understand about the penance done by Pippalada. It is not an ordinary penance.

Pippalada is the son of sage Dadheechi. He behaved just like his father. The wife of Dadheechi, Gabhastini gave birth to Pippalada under a peepul tree and sacrificied her life immediately. From that day onwards, the peepul tree became the mother of that child. That child grew up by eating the seeds of peepul tree and hence the sages named him as “Pippalada”. As the little one grew up, he understood that his parents are not alive and that was a cause of his worry. He also got to know that demigods are the reason behind his grief and he wanted to curse them. Then, Soma came there, pacified Pippalada telling him that his parents have attained the superior position and that demigods are not the reason behind their death. Thus, Pippalada was blessed. He later went on to do penance on Lord Shiva and was blessed by Shiva. With Shiva’s boon, he could see his parents in the higher planes of existence.

Once, Pippalada asked Narada why he did not have parents since his childhood. Narada then told him that it was because Shani was seeing him in a wrong way. Pippalada became very furious and made Shani lose his position. All the demigods then prayed the sage to withdraw his curse. Then, Pippalada ordered all the planets including Shani to bother anyone only after one attains the age of 16. Pippalada obeyed to the prayers of demigods, brought back Shani to his earlier position and prayed him with a mantra that starts with “Konasthah pingalah”. Mere remembrance of the name of Pippalada will remove the negative impacts of Shani. That is the power of the penance of Shani. May all the adverse effects of Shani be removed for everybody! Let us pray to the sage Pippalada to remove all the troubles caused by Shani.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta


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