Datta maata 37: Downfall is inevitable if eyes are blinded due to arrogance

Ego is not at all good. If a person is able enough to kick a palm tree, there will also be someone who kicks him. There are many great and revered people in this world. But, instead of being down to earth, they show their egoistic nature which sometimes makes them face harsh punishments.

Samudra (Ocean god) was really great. But what is the use? He showed his arrogance in front of Sree Rama. As a result, he had to surrender to his arrows. We know that story. Later, Samudra also had to surrender to sage Agastya and became the water in his water pot. You know this story too.

Similarly, Vindya also was really great. But, the ego that he is much greater than Meru took roots in him. Vindya was very humble. But, it was of no use. One day, sage Narada came to the mountain Vindya. He honored the sage and poured his heart out. Narada understood the egoistic nature of Vindya and said that he is indeed greater than Meru. Saying so, Narada left the place. Those with ego become blindfolded. Vindya also comes under that category. He did not know what he was doing. Because of ego, his humility and wisdom went in vain. He kept his peaks in between the way of Surya. Thinking himself to be superior, he troubled the people of all the three worlds and beings. The demigods prayed Lord Brahma to protect them from this calamity. But, he told them that he cannot do anything for them and instead advised them that sage Agastya alone can protect them. Then demigods went to Agastya and told about their problems. He was a staunch devotee of Shiva. It is Shiva who bestows peace to the world. Since Agstya followed Shiva, his master, he accepted the prayers of demigods and started his journey from north direction towards to the south. On his way, he reached Vindya, who knew about sage Agastya very well. Hence he bowed his head in front of him. Agastya praised him for his respect and humility towards elders. He said that he will go towards the south direction and come back while he ordered Vindya to stay in that bowing position. The sage came to the south.

Any education or greatness is of no use when one is not humble enough. Else, one has to face the same situation as that of Vindya. One must possess education which is deprived of ego. Parōpakārāya idaṁ sharēraṁ! Just like Agastya, one has to lead one’s life to help others.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!


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