S G S Parvathi Guentensperger, Switzerland: ‘Another time He said, “You are coming from Indra-Loka, you only came to help Swamiji, one day we will go back to our planet.”

S G S Parvathi Guentensperger, Switzerland

“I am Datta; I am the ruler and witness of everything in all the Lokas and Universes!  The Planets are my first Helpers.  I am using so many compounders.  I am only doing some small operations, and the last polish!”

Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji says: “I am Datta; I am the ruler and witness of everything in all the Lokas and Universes! The Planets are my first Helpers. I am using so many compounders. I am only doing some small operations, and the last polish!”

My real Birthday is on July 3rd 1983, the day when I first met my Sadguru, Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji in Switzerland, in the kitchen of my employer, Chetana. I am a graduate in Economics, and at that time I was working as the secretary in the firm owned by Chetana. I was there to help prepare coffee and tea for the group. Sri Swamiji entered the kitchen and smiled at me without uttering a single word. But, at that first glance I got the impression that I have seen an extraordinary personality.  Somehow I felt as though I have known Him; it was like seeing an old relative after long time.

A few days later I met with an accident during horse-riding in Hungary. I was convinced that it was a call from Shiva, a call to leave a worldly life and select a spiritual path, a call that created a turning point in my life. That spiritual bent of my mind is written clearly in my Horoscope. The constellation on 10 of July 1983, was pointing to an accident. I saw it also in comparing the constellation with Sri Swamiji’s chart.  It was indeed Lord Shiva’s call!

I met Sri Swamiji again, in London in 1984, when I was participating in a short Seminar to improve my English. There I got more experiences of His Divinity. Sri Swamiji materialized a Crystal-Pearl from His left toe, calling me; He asks “Secretary, do I look like this in your dreams”? I could not answer since at that time I did not have dreams from Him!   There was, of course, another meaning behind this question.

. From then onwards I started visiting the Mysore Ashrama. The first time was in 1985, when I participated in a Kriya-Yoga course and witness the awesome Sivarathri-celebrations; when Sri Swamiji entered the Fire-pit.  I was lost in devotion and adoration. During the Kriya-Yoga course Sri Swamiji had given me the spiritual name “Parvathi”. I felt very happy to be blessed by Lord Shiva in the form of Sri Swamiji.

In 1988 I met Sri Swamiji in Bovendorf, Holland. There I had to give Him my Sapphire-Ring, which I was wearing for several years. It was His wish. It was a kind of silent initiation into Sanyasin. This beautiful Sapphire, which I bought in Sri Lanka, bears a secret, I am sure about it. Sri Swamiji never revealed it to me.  He wore this ring daily for more than one year, during the inauguration of nine Datta Temples. In 1989 my life was in danger. I had dreams about a strong hurricane and saw the number thirteen. Sri Swamiji also uttered some prophetical words: “You work some days more for the peace of the world; you do it for your brother, child and Guru!”  That is Sri Swamiji/Datta, who is balancing happenings on this globe.

In Nuzividu, in November 1989, Sri Swamiji saved my life during the inauguration of the twelfth Dattatreya-Temple “Deva Deva Avatara”. November 13th 1989 was a full moon day which had an eclipse-constellation. A big hurricane was troubling the place (I was remembering my dream half year before). Sri Swamiji got cold and fever. He was proclaiming that He took a part of the cyclone in His body to protect the area,  and the other part, He sent into the sea. He proclaimed: “I am also Lord of Yama”!

During those days the “Moola Virat “-Venkateshwara idol was received by Sri Swamiji, a sea-born Deity, brought from Manginapudi.  It is now placed in the Datta Venkateshwara temple in Mysore. The arrival of the small fourteen inches black stone Balaji murti was the genesis of the giant Datta Venkateshwara temple -complex in Mysore Ashram in the year 1999.

Back to the Life-saving story.  Five foreign-Devotees had Night bus-Reservation to Hyderabad. Shortly before leaving Sri Swamiji called and requested that I change the travel-program. We should take a taxi to Vijayawada; spend one night in His Guru Nilayam, and the next day, take the train to Hyderabad for the Temple Inauguration there. I was convinced that He saved mine, or maybe the life of the others in changing the date and the vehicle of travelling. It was the GRACE OF SRI MAATA! Sri Swamiji confirmed His Life-saving miracle to me. He said: “I wanted Parvathi to stay!” Now it is already twenty-two years since that miracle, that gift of life by my beloved Sadguru!

In the later years I was visiting Sri Swamiji’s Ashram regularly at different time-periods and durations. I was doing service ‘Angel-accommodation’ section, and studying all types of Yoga, Vedas and Upanishads.  Sri Swamiji wanted me to reflect especially on SAMKHYA-YOGA, which is the philosophy of the interplay of Purusha-Prakriti and the leelas of the three Gunas.  It has connection with the philosophy of Lord Dattatreya. I had and have so many experiences, inside and outside. They again and again He was revealing to me His all-pervading being, Sat-Chit-Ananda, the principle of Sakshat Parabhraman.

I am always aware of His guidance and protection. I see in Him as the all compassionate one, with  immense love for God’s Creation, divinity, perfection and beauty.  There is a complete focus on the Divinity in every Atom and in every action. For me He is Lord Indra from the Rig-Veda, The slayer of the dragon of ignorance.

I used to wonder about my connection with Sri Datta. In 1987 I was consulted a Palm leaf reader, a ninety years old Rishi.  He told me, that long ago I had several births in a Rishi-Dynasty. I later asked Sri Swamiji and He confirmed it. He said, I was here, on earth, r more than seven thousand years ago, at that time Sri Datta (Sri Swamiji) had His first incarnation in Treta-Yuga. Sri Swamiji proclaimed in Bangalore recently: “Swamiji has been travelling this globe for over seven thousand years!

Some nice words from His holy lips to me: He said: “Parvathi and Ashram belong together. No permission for Switzerland, only go for money and Visa, it’s a routine. To Prasadi,  He told: “My Parvathi is always healthy, sometimes her health is not good, but she does not worry!    Another time He said, “You are coming from Indra-Loka, you only came to help Swamiji, one day we will go back to our planet.” Furthermore: “You have full Freedom, no God, no Swamiji!” I replied: “For me  there is only  the God  Sri Datta Adiparashakti, and Sri Swamiji, who is the Form of Paramatma, and there is full surrender, which gives full freedom.

Finally, I got divorced in 1987.  My parents are in their heavenly abode, my brother, sister and their families are very well situated.  Like that I am free to follow my selected spiritual path and to listen to the inspirations (mostly inside) of my Guru, Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji. Jaya Guru Datta.


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    • mukund mohan on December 12, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    Jai Guru Datta and Happy 12.12.12 Mam !!

    • on December 13, 2012 at 12:45 am


    • Karen Williams on December 19, 2012 at 12:53 am

    What a lovely story. Thank you for sharing this and your closeness with Sri Swamiji. It’s just amazing to read and think about. I would love to have those nadi leaves read. Very interesting. Jai Guru Datta.

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