Datta maata 13: Seeing oneness in all practices helps aspirant quickly reach supreme goal

Man always wants something new in every minute and in every context. If we give toys to a child, he will keep aside all the old toys and plays only with the new ones. The children always want new books, pens, toys etc. Even the youngsters also crave for new fashions. In this way, the people in all walks of life run to embrace novelty. We find people running behind novelty even in spirituality.

There are hundreds of spiritual practices prescribed by our holy scriptures and there are thousands of teachers/Gurus in this world. Also, in our country (India), there are crores of demigods. The seekers keep on running from one Guru to another, one way to the another and one demigod to another. Even though doing so is a mistake, the intention of such seekers is only to reach the goal at the earliest possible. Here we have something to observe.

You must remember that whichever religion or path you follow, whomever you follow; either a Guru, demigod or a person – all of these are mere indications of the divinity one has to reach. We must remember that all the idols, gods, mantras are symbols that make us reach the divine.

Why then do we keep such indications?? When we are unable to understand about the actual goal, we keep such indications.

Hence, they are always inferior to the actual goal (the superior one). We must always remember that they are superior because there cannot be any other object which is equal to the paramatma in any world. Hence, in order to worship God, we must have some reference or idol.

The various spiritual paths, religions, Gurus are like the representatives of God. Identifying this truth, seekers must develop devotion on God seeing all the objects. We must see all the Gurus as one and we should believe that all religions are equal. With such a feeling, you will attain divinity at the earliest by following any way. Instead, if you keep on running from one way to another, you will only strain yourself. We must be careful. Our life is fleeting because we have only 100 years of lifetime which is very less. Instead of wasting our life, we must select a way and continue with our spiritual practice.

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