Vanara Gita 26: Hanuman loves when worshipped on Tuesdays

The following is the prayer offered by Vānara Sarabha-

Bhoumasya vāsare pujā  kartavyāḥ hanumatprabhu
Bhave tsa suchihi ayu sr
īhi  putra mitra kalatravān. 

Meaning- Hanuman should be worshipped on Tuesdays. He who does so, will be rewarded with purity and cleanliness (suchi), longevity (ayu), prosperity, good children, good friends and a good spouse.

Hanuman is worshipped on Saturdays too. While that is also an accepted practice, worship on Tuesdays assumes a very great significance. Tuesday is his favorite day.

Lord Sun should be worshipped on Sundays, Lord Shiva on Mondays, Ganapati and Hanuman on Tuesdays, Maha Vishnu should be worshipped on Wednesdays, Lord Dakshinamurty as well as the Sadguru on Thursdays and the Supreme Mother on Fridays. On Saturday, Lord Shani (Shaneswar) should be worshipped. To get relief from Shani peeda (problems caused by the Planet Saturn), prayers should also be offered to Hanuman on Saturdays. This is a tradition coming down the ages.

Bhoumavara stands for Tuesday. Tuesdays are often considered inauspicious for beginning any new task. Worship of God renders the inauspicious as auspicious. Hanuman is an auspicious God. His form, his story as well as repetition of his name renders everything auspicious.

Just as bathing cleanses the body of its dirt, reciting the names of God washes away all the inauspiciousness that envelops us. Many people do not attempt even these little prayers. Just take a bath and with a pure heart, light an incense stick near the Lord’s photo. Say the hymns that you know. Instead of hymns, you can also say the Hanuman mantra- ‘Om Namo Hanumate Namaha’ for 108 times. Thereafter get ready and leave for work as usual. I assure you that auspiciousness will pervade that place. The small tensions that are there in your life will slowly untangle. All your family members will be healthy, happy and peaceful.

To acquire health and peace, it is essential that the family deity (Kula daiva) should be thought of and worshipped. It is not enough to keep God’s photo in the house. Can’t you even do this little service to God? Can you not sit in japa for even 10 minutes?

Om Namo Hanumate Namaha.


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