Vanara Gita 27: Hanuman showers mental peace, the most auspicious blessing!

Hanuman is the embodiment of auspiciousness. Recollecting his name, form or glory, especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays, bestow auspiciousness! Not just that, visiting his temple or even talking about his temple brings auspiciousness. Even if you just say- ‘In our ashram, a huge temple is being built for Hanuman’ it is enough to shower auspiciousness in your house. There is no need to undertake any other seva. If you have the capacity to participate in other services to Lord Hanuman, do so. It is your wish. No one will force you to participate.  Hanuman’s greatness is such that, in reality, we should try hard and do our best in offering services to Him. We should inculcate good habits. We should inculcate the habit of being truthful at all times.

To summarize, just as bathing cleanses the body, reciting the names of God renders everything auspicious. There are people who claim that they have offered one namaskar to their parents and that is adequate enough. Yes, it is true that parents are deities. But is offering one namaskar to them really sufficient? The responsibility of your liberation lies only in your hands. You need to increase your positive balance. Hence it is mandatory to recite the names of the Lord for your personal benefit. If you do not have any other expectation, even then, recite the names of the Lord for some time to achieve stability of mind. Towards achieving stability of mind, this recitation plays a very important role. Therefore, in the above hymn Vanara warrior Sharabha declares that it is essential to worship Hanuman on Tuesdays.

Tulsidas, in his Hanuman Chalisa, states- ‘pavana tanaya sankata harana mangala Māruti roopa’. It means that the auspicious form (mangala roopa) of Hanuman (Maruti) drives away all types of inauspiciousness.

‘Mental peace’ is the greatest auspiciousness that can ever be attained in this world! Live happily, live peacefully. Laugh happily. Enjoy the company of your family members.  What ultimately counts is the ‘peace’ that is had in life. Puja blesses the person with mental purity and peace.

Puja is a must. It brings discipline. BP and other diseases will simply vanish. Longevity increases. Where the God given longevity is utilized properly, then it results in prosperity. After all, every person earns with the sole objective of leading a happy family life, isn’t it?

It is Hanuman who blesses a person with good children. Also Hanuman ensures that you get good friends in life. A Guru is a person’s best friend. After having secured Guru as a friend, one should not carelessly let go of that friendship. Problems as large as mountains may land on the head, enormous tensions may rule, mind may undergo severe vacillations, yet the friendship with Guru should not be broken under any circumstances.  Be very careful in your relationship with your Guru. Once you lose it, it can never ever be regained. Guru is a true friend who comes to our aid in times of difficulties. He will also show the way out of difficulties to those who are deeply stuck in them.

Such a Guru can be obtained only with God’s grace. Some good deeds performed in earlier births have resulted in your ability to secure a good Guru in this birth. Hold on tightly to Him. Do not let go of this opportunity. Those who do not have a spiritual Guru should pray to Hanuman so as to be blessed with a Guru. Pray sincerely to Hanuman. Do not say –‘Oh I have secured Hanuman himself, why do I need a Guru?’ To understand about Hanuman in-depth, we need to be blessed with a good Guru. Without a Guru, it is impossible to obtain any form of good knowledge. It becomes impossible to understand the true essence of Hanuman without the aid of a Guru.

Those lucky persons, who have been blessed with a Guru in their lives, should pray to Hanuman seeking the ability to understand the essence of the Guru (Guru tattva). Those who have procured a Guru in this lifetime are really very lucky people.

Hanuman blesses the person who worships Him, with good spouse and with good children too. Ideal couples are those in which both the husband and wife assist each other in undertaking dharmic activities (duties as per the stipulated rules of righteousness). Sarabha states that Hanuman blesses the person with such an ideal partner.


Om Namo Hanumate Namaha.

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