Datta maata 4: Cultivate noble feelings in the heart; express them in sweet words

Let us talk about an honest person who is very good and disciplined. We certainly accept the good qualities of such a person but we never agree to work with him. We come across such situations many a time. We do not outrightly say that they are bad but we certainly say that working with such people is very tough.

If we are saying so, then we might be jealous or egoistic. There is another angle of this situation. The inability of expressing oneself is also one of the reasons. In some other people, it happens because of considering their way to be superior to others. As a result, even though their way is really quite superior, they cannot get others approval. So, if we find any of the above characteristics in others, we must try to understand them even more. In case, if we ourselves have such characteristics then we must try to get rid of them.

We must cultivate excellent thoughts/feelings in our hearts and they must be expressed in sweet words. The same must reflect in our actions. This is the way to heaven. So, we spoke about the feelings and the way to express them. There is a danger sometimes. For some people, their thoughts, actions and words differ from each other. It is very difficult to work with such people. Instead, when there is a balance between the thoughts, words and actions; then such people are the best people to work with. In some instances, people appear very polite and good, but they carry quite opposite feelings in their hearts. Even their words are very harsh. It is difficult to handle such people too. Also, there are few people who are good at heart and words, but their actions seem to be very bad. That is also not good. There are few people who do good deeds and speak well but their mind is corrupt. Working with such people is also difficult. So, a human is considered to be the best when his thoughts, words and deeds are all equally good.

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