Datta maata 3: Prosperity, intelligence etc. are outcomes of good deeds of previous births

Few people are born rich. Whatever they touch turns into gold for few. But, few of such people will not have peace of mind even after having everything. Why is this so? Few are born in the family of scholars and few people have very strong memory. Anything gets imprinted in their mind very easily. But for some people, even after acquiring different types of education, they are incapable of doing any work. Why is this so?
Similarly, many people get the opportunity to be in the divine presence of Guru by birth. Few people get respected by all the mahatmas and noble souls. But, there are few who do not get peace of mind even after doing lot of Sadhana (spiritual practice) Why does it happen so? What is it that we can do to prevent it? We get such doubts many a time. In order to understand this, firstly, we must think why only few are born in such circumstances. We must try to understand why is it that people are born quite contradictorily? Being born in favourable circumstances is definitely not your talent. Similarly, getting the works done easily is also not the result of your intelligence. Then, of what result is that?

It is the result of your Karma acquired from previous birth. It is very familiar to us as Vidhi (order/rule) and Kala (time). It is because of Kala (time) that sun rises in the morning and burns in the afternoon with scorching heat but by evening, he will merge into the ocean. This is because of the influence of time. Your assets like knowledge, wisdom and others are obtained to you as the results of the good actions of your previous births. Hence, we must put in efforts to keep on doing good deeds and uplift ourselves by gaining knowledge. Instead of doing so, if one becomes egoistic assuming that everything is happening because of one’s own talent, then downfall is certain. Even the sun has to merge into the ocean and there is darkness all over. Likewise one has to fall down from the present position.

Dhanaṁ vidyāncha vijñānaṁ
prāypya garvāvrutō yadi;
Prātarmadhyānca sāyāhnaṁ
prāypa hanta hatō raviḥ.

Even after acquiring wealth, education and spiritual knowledge; if one becomes egoistic, one has to meet the downfall. The sun after crossing the morning and afternoon time, will merge into the ocean by evening time. So, you must feel that whatever wealth you have obtained is due to the grace of the Lord and hence you must involve in doing Satkarma (good deeds). This is what we learn from this Sookti.

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