Vanara Gita 6: Sugriva’s hymn; importance of charitable activities

Sri Sugriva uvaca-

Suvara sailasya gavām ca koi satasya koeschya satasya yaccha

Dānasya nai vāsti sama phalancha druvam ca tanmāruti darśanena.

The merit that is earned through donating 1 billion (100 crores) gigantic golden mountains, the merit that can be earned through donating billions of cows can be earned just by the darshan of Lord Hanuman!

Sugriva was the king of Vānaras. It is the nature of kings to undertake deeds of charity in large scale and thus to teach their citizens the value and merit that can be earned through these acts of charity.

Among all the actions undertaken, actions relating to charity are the most supreme. Charity is hardest of all the actions performed. Not everyone gets the heart to give away in charity, what they possess. The truth is that here on earth, we are but custodians of the wealth that inherently belongs to the Supreme Lord. Giving away in charity amounts to giving back to God what originally belongs to Him!

  Hoarding and storing wealth is not a healthy attitude. Feeling dejected that we are not able to save up for the future of the children is an unhealthy attitude. Such thoughts should be driven away from the mind. Your duty as a parent is to show them the right way of life that is essential to survive in this world. Teach them how to withstand the difficulties that land upon the head and how to survive even under such circumstances. That’s all.

If a person hoards all his wealth with intent of saving for the future of his children and hence does not even give away a rupee in charity, then what is the use? What will come with you at the time of death? Do you realize that by not indulging in deeds of charity in this lifetime, your account of merit has completely depleted and that there is no balance left in it? Furthermore, too much of money in hand leads the children on the wrong path and they will become victims of bad habits. Good habits such as charity will never be imbibed by them. They will turn out to be self centered and selfish. They will waste the money unlawfully. Children learn only when parents practice good traits. But in our foolishness, we only think of saving up for the children and distance ourselves from healthy karmas.

Charity has been called the best among actions. Charity paves the way for devotion (bhakti), supreme knowledge (jnana) and thus takes the person towards dispassion (vairagya). It is incorrect to think that devotion towards the Lord and supreme knowledge will sprout automatically in the person at a certain time. Towards this proper foundation is essential. Where the child is taught the essence of sharing and charity, then bhakti (devotion) sprouts automatically within him.

Om namo Hanumate namaha.

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