Vanara Gita 7: Significance of Gold and of charitable activities

Among all actions, charitable activities are the most supreme! They pave the way for increase in devotion, supreme knowledge and dispassion in the person.

Gold occupies the most exalted position among all the objects in this universe. It is the most superior, sacred and precious metal. It is said that even the touch of an iota of gold has a profound influence on the body. For this reason, the tradition of incorporating at least a small bit of gold in the mangala sutra (chain worn by married hindu ladies) or of wearing a golden finger ring have all emerged. The power within this gold is unimaginable.

The best should always be given away in charity. Our smritis emphasize that charity paves the way for the growth of dharma (rules of righteousness). Dharma causes a growth not only to the individual who undertakes charity, but to all the persons who are in the vicinity This has been emphatically laid down by our scriptures (shastras). Such is the merit that can be earned due to charity.

Among all the various forms of life on earth, human life is the most supreme. Often elders reprimand- ‘don’t behave like an animal after having been born a human’. Or they scold- ‘don’t eat like a pig’, don’t behave like an ass. Why are you staring like an owl?’ When these animal tendencies are being referred to, it means that some of those animal tendencies still exist within us. Those traits that we exhibited when we took on the birth in those animal forms (in our earlier lives), still have their grip upon us. It is very rare to be blessed with a human birth. God only knows when we shall get it again.

Om namo Hanumate namaha.

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