Datta maata 6: What is Self-realization?

Our mind itself is a mirror. Those who are in the spiritual path have the great yearning for realizing God in this birth itself at the earliest possible. This kind of longing indicates more about ego rather than devotion because that particular Jeevi (soul) has not questioned himself/herself about the eligibility to please God. It will be good if one can know whether one has the certificate of eligibility to realize God.

Few people do a lot of practice yet they cannot experience the Tattva (principle of God). Unable to find out the mistake within themselves, they become vexed. This frustration must give way to examination of oneself and not to depression. We must never be disheartened.

There must be a clear understanding about the manifestation of God. It is a biggest mistake to think that God will appear to us coming from somewhere. It is wrong to think that he stays at a place, stands there etc. The Puranas might have described him so. The main motto of such sacred texts is to tell us about the greatness of God’s power and it is not that God resides at a particular place or so and comes from there. It is only to purify our thoughts and feelings.

You must remember that God is an experience. Reflection of such feeling in your mind is itself the true manifestation of the God. That is why, the mind is referred to as a mirror. Reflecting is it’s true nature. A mirror can reflect an image only if it is clean and is absolutely free of dust, smoke or fog. Your mind is analogous to the mirror. This mirror called mind must not be moving. It must be stable and clean. It must not be covered with filth.

Cleanliness of the mind means concentration. So, we must rub off the dust on the mirror (mind) to see the image. This process is called destruction of the ego. Cleaning the filth refers to killing our ego. The inner meaning here is that we must bring this mirror called mind closer to God and when we reduce our attention towards desires, it will automatically reflect the image (God). This is called realization of God.

With the blessings of Datta Sadguru, may you all realize the God. This will happen if you clean the mind. Just like you do not see the image in a mirror when it is covered with smoke and dust, likewise you cannot see God in your mind when it is enveloped with ego. It must be removed in totality. God dwells in your mind but you cannot see him because of the ego. When ego is removed, you can see the God who resides right there in your mind. This is called self realization.

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