Datta maata 7: Only when noble deed is undertaken with faith, sins are destroyed

Many people think that they are impure and sinful. They think within themselves and get distressed that their body and mind have become impure. They keep on saying that they are dissatisfied and that some filth has occupied their minds. Such kind of thinking is also good because they know that they are impure, so they search ways to purify themselves. They are always in search of good ways to transform themselves. This seems to be good. Few people say that by thinking noble thoughts, one gets purified. They say that one is not sacred because one lacks such noble thinking. Few others opine that by involving in Daana (charity) and Dharma (righeousness), one can become pure while some others believe that Pooja (worship), Abhisheka (ablutions to the Lord) and Pradakshina (circumambulation of temples) will bring inner purification. There is one section of people who strongly argue that practice of Yoga is the best way. In this way, we hear many opinions about purification.

There is a school of people who believe that mere bathing in holy rivers will wash away the sins and thereby makes one scared. When we listen to such opinions, we feel that it is a good and easy way. So, we show more interest towards that because we too believe that mere bathing in a river will wash away our sins. Lakhs of people run to the sacred rivers like the Ganga during the Kumbhamela to take a dip in them. The Ganges (Ganga) is considered the most sacred river amongst all the rivers. Hence, people strive a lot to go to the Ganga. But, none think about the way of getting purified.

By contemplating upon some sinful desires, people are acquiring sins and hence are devoid of purity. Again, with another strong contemplation upon pure deeds, one is able to get purified by warding off all the impurities. This means that we are getting rid of the sins that are committed either willingly, unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly. When we take up noble tasks with a pure mind, then we become pure. This is true indeed.

Only to make our mind concentrate upon such good contemplation, we indulge in several Yogas, Vratas (austerities), charities and other Satkarma (noble deeds). Even after doing so much, we again get entangled in confusions and forget about the true contemplation that we have to seek for. So, there is no purification at all. Few opine that it is very easy to wash away all their sins by merely taking a dip in Ganga river. But, many take the holy bath without knowing their own inner thoughts and feelings. They keep some wrong notions and thoughts in their mind. They wonder how a river bath can destroy their henious sin. Due to lack of faith their sins are not destroyed.

Hence, even after taking such a sacred bath, one is not satisfied enough. Here, there is no inner purification. They take the Ganga river bath again and again but with impure mind or by ridiculing the holy scriptures.

In this way, if there is no purity of thoughts, neither the Ganga nor Gangadhara (one who adorns Ganga on his head – Shiva) can grant you sacredness. With the grace of Lord Datta, may you all attain purity in your thoughts and become devoid of all impurities. Y

ou must do all the austerities, worships and take the Ganga bath too. But, when you take up such noble tasks with purity of thoughts, then you will be bestowed with the ultimate Yoga.

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