Bhagawatam 078: Expansion of creation; Universal form of the Lord.

Fire undergoes transformation and converts into water. Taste (rasa) is the quality of water. As space, air and fire are the causative factors of water, their corresponding qualities of sound, touch and form also exist in water.

Water undergoes transformation and Earth is formed. Smell (gandha) is the quality of earth. As space, air, fire and water are the causative factors of earth, their corresponding qualities of sound, touch, form and taste also exist in earth, along with its own quality of smell.

From Sattvik ahamkāra (egoism born out of traits of goodness), the following deities manifested: Moon who is the presiding deity of mind, the Guardian-deities of speech (Vag-devatas) who are the presiding deity for the ears, Wind who is the presiding deity for skin, Sun who is the presiding deity for eyes, Lord Varuna (Lord of water) who is the presiding deity for tongue, Ashwini Devatas who are the presiding deities for life-force (prana), Fire-god who is the presiding deity for speech, Lord Indra who is the presiding deity for hands, Lord Vishnu who is the presiding deity for feet, Mitra who is the presiding deity for the anus and Prajāpati who is the presiding deity for the reproductive organs.

Intelligence (buddhi) i.e. the capacity to understand, and life-force (prāna) i.e. the capacity to do work, are born out of Rājasa ahamkara (egoism born out of passion/ activity). For this reason, the Rājasa ahamkara undergoes transformation and from it the five organs of perception (jnānendriya) i.e. ears, eyes, skin, nose and tongue as well as the five organs of action (karmendriya) i.e. speech, hands, feet, genitals and anus are created.

O Brahma-jnani! As long as the five basic elements, which were born from Nature (Prakriti) composed of the trigunas (the 3 modes), the senses (indriyas) and the mind (manas) did not combine with each other, bodies (shareera) could not be formed. At that point the Supreme Lord, using His energy, caused a trigger in them all, due to which they all combined with each other.

Among the five basic elements, one element being in greater proportion as compared to the other elements led to the formation of the Kārya-kāraṇa bhāva (cause-effect relationship). They then created the Universal body (virat-deha) of the Supreme Lord as well as the body of the individual being.

The universe (Brahmanda) which was thus created was lifelessly lying in water for a thousand years. Thereafter, the Supreme Lord brought forth time (kāla), destiny of beings (karma) and individual nature (swabhava) and enlivened the Universe. This Supreme Lord then took a form that consists of innumerable heads, hands, feet, thighs, mouths, and came out of the cosmic egg with the intent of breaking it. This was His universal form.

In this Universal form of the Lord, the seven lower planetary systems of existence (lokas) are the lower limbs i.e. limbs from below the waist up to the feet. Starting from His abdomen all the upper limbs constitute the seven higher planetary systems. This is how learned scholars meditate upon Him.

Learned scholars also state that, to this Lord who is a form of completeness, Brahmins are His face, Kshatriyas (warrior caste) are the arms, Vysyas (traders, herders) are the thighs and the Shudras (labourers) are His feet.

In this Universal form of the Lord, earth (bhu-loka) is located in the space of His navel, and heaven (swarga) is located in His heart. Mahar-loka is located in His chest. In His throat is located the Jana-loka, in His two breasts is the Tapo-loka and in His head is located the Satya-loka. This is how learned scholars meditate.

Satya-loka, which is of eternal existence, is the residence of Hiranyagarbha, the creator. Amongst the seven lower planetary systems, Atala-loka is situated in His waist, Vitala-loka in His thighs, the pure Sutala-loka is located in His knees, Talatala-loka is in His shanks, Mahatala is located at the ankles, Rasātala is the upper portion of His feet and Pātāla is the soles of His feet. This is how He should be mediated upon.

In this way the Supreme Lord wears all the different planes of existence (loka) as different parts of His body.

His feet are the Bhu-loka; abdomen is the Bhuvar-loka and head is the Heavenly planets. In this manner also He can be contemplated and meditated upon.

With this the fifth chapter of the Second Canto of Srimad Bhagawatam comes to an end.

Second Canto Chapter Six

In this chapter, the Universal form of the Supreme Lord has been explained similar to the description given in Puruśa sūktam of Vedas.

In the previous chapter, based on Maharishi Nārada’s question, Lord Brahma explained to Him about the creation of the universe and also about the Universal form of the Lord. This same subject is explained in greater detail in this chapter.

Lord Brahma continued, “From the face of this Universal Lord (Virat-puruśa), the organ of speech (vāgendriya) and Fire, its presiding deity,  manifested. From His skin and other 6 basic tissues (dhatus) Gayatri and other Vedas originated. Foodstuffs and the 3 forms of nectarous tastes i.e. offerings made to Devatas, offerings made to fore-fathers, the food consumed by humans emerged from His tongue. In addition the various tastes also emerged from His tongue.

Wind (vayu) along with the five-life-forces viz., Prāna, Apāna, Udāna, Samāna, and Vyāna emerged from His nostrils. The Ashwini Devatas, all forms of medicinal herbs and fragrance, which brings joy to everyone, were born from His nose (organ of smell).

All forms (rūpa) and radiance (tejas) emerged from His eyes. From His eyeballs Sun and the dwi-lokas emerged. From His ears, the directions and teerthas emerged. From His śrotendriya (sense of hearing) space and sound were born.

From this it is clear that the Universal body is the fundamental cause behind the beauty of all objects. From the skin of this Universal body, sensation of touch, wind as well as all Yagnas (sacrificial rituals) were born. In order to facilitate the performance of Yagnas, trees were born from His body hair.

From His hair clouds emerged. From His mustache and beard lightning was created. from His finger nails rocks emerged while from his toe nails metals emerged.

The Guardian-deities who are primarily entrusted with ensruring the well-being of the worlds emerged from His shoulders. From His footsteps the three planes known as Bhu-loka, Bhuvar-loka and the Suvar-loka emerged. Those footsteps protect the wealth of the devotees and protect them from all fears.

sarva-kāma-varasyāpi hareś caraṇa āspadam- O Nārada, the lotus feet of this Universal Lord fulfil all the desires.

From His organ of reproduction liquids, reproductive energies, energy of creation, clouds and Prajāpatis were born.


Hari Om Tat sat.

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