Self Confidence (Gujarati) ~ Aug 24, 2014


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  1. Jaya Guru Datta _/\_!!
    “If you do not trust yourself, how can you trust Paramatama?”
    Tr. courtesy: Ila Mali Auntiji
    Jaya Guru Datta Sri Appaji _/\_!!
    Shravana bhanuvara pranams at the Lotus Feet of Our Dattavatara Sadgurudeva _/\_!!
    Pranams and thank you Puttuji for the Divine MMS with beautiful illustrations!!
    SGS Gems:
    -Have confidence in yourself and those around you.
    -Life is a mountain that is tough to climb. Climb fearlessly and with confidence to enjoy a fantastic view like a soaring bird.
    -Truth can be known only through experience. That is why great souls have to be served. By their compassion, confidence and bliss are obtained.
    -When you say “I can”, and expect success, you fill yourself with confidence and happiness.
    HH , God Word-II (Vandemukundam) :
    A Sadguru teaches you to approach the problems with confidence and strength. You are unnecessarily holding on to your problems. It is like hugging a pillar and crying that the pillar is holding you and begging it to release you. The pillar will always be there. But, why do you hug it? The pillar is our Karma or difficulties. We hug the pillar and beg it to release us. If Lord blesses us and we realize it, we can give up attachment with that pillar. You are always attached to your wife, husband, children, bank account, house. All this is Karma Bandhana. The Karma has put us in bandhana (bondage). What can you do to get release from bandhana? Swamiji says that all the saints have prayed “Vande Mukundam Vande Aravindam,” i.e., they are prepared to go through all this karmic activities as long as they can pray to the Lord, since this is the only way to get out of Karma bandhana.
    Courtesy : jai jai kapisa.
    “To develop faith and to progress forward in one’s worldly and spiritual endeavors, it helps to revisit the discourses of Sri Swamiji on Ganapati. As Sri Swamiji says, Ganapati upasana is simply the cleansing of the physical, mental, and subtle bodies of negativity and wrong-thinking which create obstacles, frustrations, and difficulties. ‘Sumukha’ Ganapati – one who has pleasant face – the pleasant face in a person denotes unwavering mind (even-minded- ness) and unwavering dedication. Despite all suggestions to the contrary, one must develop self-confidence to pursue forward until one has achieved one’s goals. This is the Ganapati tattva. To not allow negativity to enter into one’s mind is challenging in practice, and so it is recommended that one should pray to Ganapati, so that His energy can destroy any negativity which may creep in during one’s sadhana. By ourselves, we consider ourselves to be ‘only human’ and we sometimes lack strength to move forward and adopt a self-defeating attitude, …but by taking refuge in Ganapati, we are protected by his “ginormous” trunk which swats away obstacles like flies. So, it is suggested that one pray to Ganapti daily, just after waking up, with the mental posture/attitude that “Today is a new day, my faith is renewed, my energy is renewed, and just as the sun rises, I will rise, and face my duties and complete them, task after task…”
    May Sri Ganapati Swaroopa Sadgurudeva remove everyone’s obstacles in whatever field of activity they find themselves in”

    Having trust in Sadgurudeva is having trust in ourselves. That is because Sadgurudeva is always within us whether we realize that or not. Realizing that in the true sense of the word only comes when we have fully aligned spiritual and life practices. When we have trust in Sadguru self-confidence glows – through our speech, actions, and carry.
    Surrendering at your Lotus Feet Sadgurudeva !!
    Sumukha Ganapati dedo sanmati Arka Ganapati do suksma buddhi !!
    Sivaya Guruve Namaha!! Sri Guru Datta!! Om Namo Hanumate Namaha!!

  2. Jai Guru Datta Swamiji.

    • Rama Krishna Reddy on August 25, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    Jaya Guru Datta! Harih Om Tatsat || Sri Guru Datta.

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