Sri Guru Gita – 6 March 2014 – Episode 76

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    • Archana Penukonda on January 23, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    Jaya Guru Datta. English summary:

    Jaya Guru Datta.

    Asanam sayanam vastram vahanam bhusanadhikam |
    Sadhakena pradatavyam gurossantosa karanam ||

    Seats, cots, clothes, vehicles, ornaments are some of the things which should be offered to Guru for they are the means to please him.
    We discussed what a real offering should be like. But, for beings that are tied down in karmic bondages, such an offering is not at all easy. So, what should one do then? We discussed how the creator, Brahma, made this creation. It was a big question even back then. There is also another question. Are you pure now? Or, are you impure? You are a being that is struggling in the web of karma. That is why, you cannot proclaim that you are pure consciousness. You cannot say “I am pure consciousness”. That is because you are always faced with karma, whether your eyes are open or closed. You have so many anxieties. You have adhi (psychic) vyadhi (illness) anxieties. So many varieties of anxieties. You have Adi-bhautika (miseries caused by other living beings), Adi-atmika (miseries caused by one’s own body and mind) anxieties and so on…all forms of adhi vyadhi. They appear whether your eyes are open or closed. So, would it be right then, to say that your mind is filled with crystal clear pure consciousness? Wouldn’t that be a lie?

    Okay, let’s assume you offered yourself along with your karma to the Guru. You offered yourself along with your karma that appears whether your eyes are open or closed, your karma and difficulties under whose weight the mind crumbles. Then, should he (the Guru), along with you, accept experience and pay for your sins and bad karma? Does it mean that he accepted everything as soon as you announced your offering. Just because you offered yourself to him completely, you expect him to go to great lengths and suffer for your karma to alleviate it?

    A lot of people say “I am offering myself completely to you Swami, along with all my karma”. So, who will experience the karma? Is it the Sadguru? Just because he merged you into him, does the pure milk have to be curdled due to the impurity. He (the Guru) set aside some pure milk. If he brings you into the mix, the milk will be curdled due to the impurity. Did you pour the milk into a clean container? If not, then the pure milk set aside by the Guru will curdle when mixed. The milk you brought is impure. It’s placed in an unwashed container. You want it mixed with the pure milk. As soon as you do so, it’ll curdle. Whose fault is it? You expect the Sadguru to blindly trust the disciple and mix the milk? Even though a person offered himself completely along with his karmic bondage to the Sadguru, even though the Sadguru is pure consciousness, once the impurity is brought in, the purity will be tainted. Would that be good? That is not good.

    Jaya Guru Datta.

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