Episode 34: Krishna leaves for Dwaraka


Like the birds that become silent upon observing the evening Sunset, all those who were observing Bheeshma Pitamaha merging into the Nirguna Parabrahma (Absolute Lord devoid of traits), remained speechless.

At that time celestials played divine drums. Human beings sounded kettle drums. Gentle-natured and honest kings extolled his greatness. From the sky flowers rained down.

Yudhisthira completed the final rites and other related ceremonies for Bheeshma Pitamaha, who gave up his body after attaining liberation while living (jeevan mukti). He mourned the death of his grandfather.

All the saints present there worshipped Srikrishna with the secretive names and hymns from the Vedas. Fixing their mind totally upon Him, they returned to their respective hermitages. All the saints had observed the faith and devotion that Bheeshma had towards the Supreme Lord. They too now fixed their mind solely upon that Lord.

Yudhisthira together with Srikrishna returned to Hastinapura. He consoled his paternal uncle Dhṛtarāṣṭra and his aunt Gāndhāri. With the blessings of Srikrishna and the permission of his uncle Dhṛtarāṣṭra, He ruled the kingdom, which he had inherited from his ancestors, efficiently and righteously.

With this the 9th chapter of the first canto comes to an end.

First Canto Tenth Chapter

In this chapter Lord Srikrishna’s return to Dwaraka is covered.

Hearing Maharishi Suta’s narration that Yudhisthira, having been initiated into the rules of righteousness (dharma) by his grandfather Bheeshma ruled wisely and righteously, Maharishi Śounaka enquired in the following way:

“After having killed the evil Duryodhana and others who had wrongfully usurped their kingdom, how did the supremely righteous Yudhisthira, who had grieved the killing of his kith and kin, rule the kingdom together with his brothers?”

Maharishi Suta replied, “The fire called ‘hatred’ (dwesha) that was born in this Kuru dynasty, engulfed almost everything. Almost the entire lineage was reduced to ashes. Srikrishna, the creator and ruler of the universe, ensured that a new tender sprout called Parikshit emerged in that Kuru lineage.

He enthroned Yudhisthira as the king and rejoiced greatly. Due to initiation from Srikrishna and Bheeshma, Yudhisthira attained enlightenment and with this, his infatuations (moha) were washed away. He sought refuge in Srikrishna.

With the help from his younger brothers, Yudhisthira ruled the kingdom that stretched up to the ocean, perfectly, like Lord Indra. During his rule, the clouds showered rain in plenty. Mother Earth produced things in great abundance. Cows gave plentiful milk. Rivers, oceans, trees, mountains, and crops of every type, gave plentiful fruits in every season to the king. During the rule of Yudhisthira, who had no enemy, citizens did not have to fear physical diseases or mental ailments at any point of time. This is a noteworthy point. Such was his rule! Free from all forms of troubles and sorrows, people lived happily.

In order to dispel the grief of the Pandavas and in order to bring joy to Subhadra (his sister), Krishna camped at Hastinapura for a long time. It can be said that He stayed there for many months. He was there with them till they overcame that grief. He was there with them until they were totally satisfied and happy.

Thereafter he sought permission from Yudhisthira to return to his city Dwaraka. He embraced Yudhisthira and bowed to him. He mounted the chariot. At that time those who were dear to him, embraced him and also bowed to Him.

Unable to bear the separation from the Lord Subhadra, Draupadi, Kunti, Uttara, Gāndhāri, Dhṛtarāṣṭra, Yuyutsu, Kripacharya, Dhoumya, Nakula, Sahadeva, Bhima, Satyavati and many others fell unconscious.

Sat-saṇgān mukta-duḥsaṇgo hātuṃ notsahate budha

Kīrtyamānaṃ yaśo yasya sakṛd ākarya rocanam

By associating with Mahatmas through satsang, the wise give up their bad associations (dus-sanga). Such wise persons, who have tasted the joy in glorifying the Lord, will never seek to stay away from it.

Pandavas are those who spent their time seeing only Him, talking to Him, eating along with Him and living with His vicinity. Of what use is that limitless wealth? Of what use is the name and fame? Of what use is supreme prosperity? The pain of separation from the Lord is always severe. To stay away from Him is always sorrowful. When the most important object is distanced from us, all these materialistic wealth and comforts cease to be visible to the eyes. Only darkness seems to remain.

How could Pandavas, who had spent time only for Him, now withstand this separation from Him? These were the people who had dined with Him, chatted with Him, touched Him, slept near Him and lived along with Him. In varied ways, these people had all loved Him and had become extremely dear to Him.

Now when He announced His departure to Dwaraka, how were they to withstand this separation? Their hearts were completely under the sway of His divine love! Such was His love! It was supreme love that knew no bounds! It was priceless love beyond any form of measure!

Without even blinking an eyelid they kept gazing at the path He was taking. They moved about like statues. The ladies, who loved Him dearly, were unable to control the flood of tears when Krishna, son of Devaki, stepped out of the house to mount the chariot. Yet, with great difficultly they controlled themselves, as they felt it to be inauspicious to shed tears at time of departure.

When Swami is leaving or when a person is leaving for a good auspicious task it is wrong to cry, isn’t it? So with great difficulty they stopped their tears.

When Srikrishna was leaving for Dwaraka, various auspicious instruments such as drums, mridamgam, large drums, conch, kettle drums, veena, band, flutes and bells were played.

Hare Sri Krishna

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