Episode 35: Ladies of Hastinapura discuss the glories of Lord Krishna

On the day Srikrishna was to leave, everyone forcibly controlled their tears. Crying at the time of departure is considered inauspicious for the person who is leaving. Hence those who could not control their tears cried perhaps on the earlier day. That morning everyone ensured that their eyes were not wet. Those whose eyes were getting wet were leaving the place and going to another room so that their teary eyes would not be seen by others. It is wrong to cry when Paramatma is leaving!

At the time of Krishna’s departure, various auspicious musical instruments were played. The ladies of Kuru dynasty went up to the terrace of the palace so that they could watch His chariot for as long as it was in sight.

All the citizens also went up to the terraces to watch the Lord. The ladies, with feelings of love coupled with shyness, smilingly showered flowers upon Him.

Krishna’s dearest friend Arjuna held over His head a white umbrella, that was decorated with strings of pearls and which was held together with precious jewels.

Uddhava and Sātyaki fanned Him with the Vinjāmara fan. As the chariot proceeded through the streets the citizens showered flowers upon Him. With this flower shower upon Him, Krishna glowed radiantly!

In various places, Krishna, who is none other than the Absolute God who is beyond traits (Nirguna Parabrahma) and beyond illusion (maya), heard Vedic scholars offering Him benedictions through Vedic chants. Those Vedic blessings, which represented the ultimate truth, were truly befitting His form.

The women of Hastinapura had their minds totally fixed upon Srikrishna, who was of the highest reputation. Mentally absorbed in His thoughts, the words that they uttered about Him, were soothing to the ears of one and all.

‘Parabrahma, who is without beginning and without end, who is the form of illumination and knowledge, who is non-dual, who is over and above the 3 qualities of Nature (trigunas), manifests as this universe!

At the time of annihilation (pralaya), when the sportive plays of illusory power are totally subdued, all beings merge into Him alone. At such time, Parabrahma remains in His original form which is beyond description! Our Srikrishna is none other than this Absolute Parabrahma!

In this original state He has no name and no form. At that point, He decides to make visible name and form and introduces Vedas into the universe. He then establishes himself as the presiding force for Prakriti (nature) that is replete with the trigunas. This Prakriti, influenced by His transcendental energy, causes illusion amongst the beings and contains in it the desire to create.

In this universe, eminent learned scholars conquer their senses through the medium of Pranayama, and then with feelings of utmost devotion accompanied by purity of mind, realize the original form of that Supreme Lord. Such Supreme Parabrahma is now in front of our eyes!’

This is the way each of them thought about Srikrishna.

‘That Supreme Lord, Srikrishna, who is praised by each according to his/ her ability, whose divine sports are wonderous, who exists during absorption, who is the force that exists after this absorption, who knows what happens before, after and during absorption, who is form of bliss, who blesses those who seek refuge in Him with bliss, is now before our very eyes! That unparalleled divine energy, the Supreme Energy, exists in front of our eyes physically today as Srikrishna!

Only Lord Srikrishna possesses the capacity to purify our minds! Even through yogic pursuits (yoga sadhana) He cannot be attained!’ in this manner they spoke about Krishna.

‘O dear friends! The eminent saints, who preach the secretive essence, sing the glories of the Lord through the medium of Vedas and Vedantas. Every Veda glorifies divine sports of that Lord!

Paramātma, with His power of illusion creates, sustains and absorbs this universe. Even then He does not have in Him the feeling of doership i.e. ‘I am the one performing the action’. Neither does He have feelings of like-dislike towards them. Hasn’t that Supreme Paramatma has come down as our Srikrishna?

In every eon (yuga), when unrighteous persons who are filled with tamo guna (traits of inertia, laziness etc.) begin to rule, this Supreme Lord, for the welfare of the world accepts traits of purity and goodness (sattva guna) and keeps on taking incarnations, isn’t it? He upholds devotion (bhakti), truthfulness, righteousness (dharma) and compassion. How astonishing!

Due to the birth of this husband of Lakshmi or Lord of all Lords in their clan, the lineage of Yadus has attained untold glory!

Due to His movements, the land of Vrija has become supremely pure! Aho! What a wonder! The glory of Dwaraka far exceeds the glory of heaven! The citizens of Dwaraka, who daily have the darshan of their Lord Krishna, obtain His benevolent gaze that is showered upon them in the form of His tender smile!

O dear friends! Those wives of His must have undertaken limitless pujas, vratas, homas, yagnas and other rituals and pleased the Supreme Godhead immensely! For how many births they would have undertaken these rituals! How many limitless yagnas and yaagas they would have performed to attain this luck! That is why they are blessed with this fortune today. This is because they have been blessed to drink the nectar from His lips! The women of Vrija always sought this and often fainted as it was not available.

During swayamvara ceremonies (where the bride selects her groom), Krishna defeated many powerful kings such as Shishupala and using his courage as his wedding gift, obtained Rukmini, Jhambavati and Nagnajiti and others as His wives. These ladies were blessed with Pradyumna, Sāmba, Amba and others as their sons.

In addition, He killed Narakasura and delivered freedom to thousands of women who were in captivity. To these ladies, the lotus eyed Srikrishna was their protector and their husband. With His sweet words and with gifts He filled their hearts with joy. He never left any home. In this way He resided in every home. What a wonder! They are truly lucky beings!’

Srikrishna, with a smile observed these ladies who were speaking thus, while He was proceeding in the chariot.

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