Srinivasa Kalyanam 14: Bhrigu reaches Kailasa to test Shiva

Sage Bhrigu Chanted “Om Saraswatyai Namah ” Saraswati who is immersed in the divine music did not heed to his call. She picked up intense practice just then and was doing ragam, tanam and pallavi. on veena. She was doing gamaka sadhana with ascending and descending swaras. Saraswati did not respond to Bhrigu Maharshi. Brahma too never responded despite watching Bhrigu Maharshi with opened eyes.Not even a smile, no happiness, no anger. He was peacefully listening to music.

Bhrigu lost temper and felt insulted. He gave utmost importance to Satya loka but now with this negligent treatment he was annoyed . Having become restless and angry with Brahma , Bhrigu questioned whether it is form of knowledge or form of ignorance ? is it inanimate or animate ? Is it unreal ? or unreal ? Is it truth or falsehood ? Bhrigu doubted and suspected the situation. Those who are ascending ,always will have a fall.Anger always leads to downfall.

We should never be egoistic. Bhrigu said ” If Brahma is ignoring me, the greatest of saints, he is not knowledgeable. He is ignorant. Such Brahma does not deserve worship .

Brahma means knowledge. But Brahma does not have knowledge. Why then should prayer be offered to one who is not Self-realized? Since those who worship Brahma, remain in illusion and will remain ignorant like him, he should not be worshipped in future. Hence his idol will never be worshipped in future” Thus was Brahma cursed by Bhrigu Maharshi.

In a fist of anger Bhrigu left Satya loka.He walked out in all ego and anger. He proceeded towards the abode of Lord Shiva, the Kailasa. As Bhrigu was approaching the place of his visit, he could hear the music that accompanied dance, like” Thaddhimi Takadhimi “, could feel the beautiful smell of Pious ashes ( Vibhuti ) and he realized that he was going close to kailasam.

Looking at the festivity and assembled celestials at Kailasam, Bhrigu anticipated some function that was taking place there. But He realized that Shiva and Parvati were immersed in Shiva Tandava, the famous dance form by them. Om Namah Shivaya. The dance of delicacy by the first couple of the universe was very lucrative. People and visitors were also playing the instruments following the rhythm of their tandava of delicacy. It was going on very smoothly and the audiences were totally immersed in witnessing the dance form.

Bhajan : Tadhdhimi Shankara Thakadhimi Shankara !

Bhrigu also looked at the dance. He went forward crossing the bhoota ganas. When such dance is going on we should watch from a distance or else we get stuck in stampede. Praying to Shankara, finally Bhrigu reached to Shankara.

Is shankara this busy ? He is bhola shankara. There is no end to this dance. Why is this couple dancing ? It was quite noisy ; but tala, raga and rhythm were synchronizing. But the troops are quite disciplined since they had been dancing since ages. They were not getting tired. Some bhoota ganas were just slipping down if they were unable to catch up the speed. They are immortals. they were raising dust.

Do not mistake this Kailasa on earth to be the real Kailasa. The original Kailasa is a different planet in itself.

Shiva also did not acknowledge the arrival of Bhrigu.. No one responded to him. He was not reverentially welcomed. He wanted to call out Shiva as Shambho! But the bhoota ganas were producing much more noise.One person was standing like a Krishna and playing flute. Bhrigu thought that there was no use of blaming the troops and decided to blame Shiva only.

When the Tandava was in climax Parvati was struggling to cope with Shiva’s dance speed. She suddenly noticed Bhrigu and stopped dance. As she stopped dancing, there was a sudden imbalance and Shiva lost synchrony of dance and pramadha ganas also missed the rhythm.

Shiva shouted in anger asking as to who disturbed Shiva Tandava,. He looked sternly in all directions. He saw Bhrigu and raised his trident.

Bhrigu also got wild. He was furious. Jaganmata realized the danger of the situation and held Shiva’s hand.

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