Srinivasa Kalyanam 13: Sage Bhrigu goes to Satyaloka to test Brahma’s supremacy

Narada was pleased that he could participate a little in that Maha-yagna. He thought that he instilled a tinge of conflict among the sages with regard to the grading of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara , though it is for a divine cause, going to happen in future . This conflict caused by Maharishi Narada was the turning point in the story. Narada was pleased that he had obtained the desired outcome of creating confusion in the saints.

All the sages were perplexed. Who was great among the Trinity? All of them looked at Bhrigu Maharshi, who was the senior most in their group. They prayed to Bhrigu Maharshi to decide who is great among the Trimuthis since at times Bhrigu appraises himself as Brahma, Vishnu and also Maheshwawara.

Bhrigu decided to work on the issue and realize the truth by himself. Amidst the applause by all the sages, Bhrigu got ready to start his project with a proud smile. He was proud that he was going to accomplish a major task. It is a system to encourage a person who takes up a good deed. Should never discourage. Bhrigu said that all of them gave a great responsibility and said that he would leave for heavenly abode to decide this issue and that it would be possible only for him to study this issue. He looked at them all and gave a happy, proud smile. He pulled his beard to indicate his superiority.’You have given me a great task. Only I am capable of assessing who is great among the Trinity. I will return successfully. Now i will travel in the path of skies to test them.”

As long as they could see Bhrigu, sages could watch Bhrigu walking towards Satya lokam. Their victory screams reverberated in all directions. The saint was flying in the skies. there is a difference between walking, flying, flying with wings in space. They are different ways of travelling in space.  There are beings who go with body, without body etc.

The sage thought whom he should test first. HE decided to go Brahma who never lies and who resides in Satyaloka. He has four faces but none of the four faces never lie. Applauding himself for having selected the easiest and best route, He patted himself.

As he entered Satya loka, He could listen to Omkara. Anyone listening to Omkara, feels like meditating then and there. such is the power of Omkara. Bhrigu also felt the same but was reminded of his duty. Satya loka is very peaceful where even a fool can meditate like a sage. Bhrigu looked around. Absolute silence. Sages were meditating. there was nothing to be heard barring Omkara. Everyone was engaged in either chanting Vedas or Omkara. Veda Parayana was going on. The four faces of Brahma were peaceful and were doing veda parayana. Saraswati was immersed in divine music. She is the Goddess of education. It is just her form. Her Veena is no ordinary one. It consists of all the planets. Brahma and Saraswati, who were seated on swan chariot and swan respectively, were calm and peaceful. Bhrigu walking slowly , reached  the lotus upon which Brahma was seated and chanted,
Om Chaturmukhayai Namah ; Sri Saraswatyai Namah.
Brahmane jaji devaya namaskritya samadhina
Ruksamani Udgiranvatyai yah punadi jagatrayam.
This time he raised his voice and said ” Om Brahmadevayai Namah ! ” No change in any of the faces of Brahma. There was absolutely non movement. Saraswati is doing intense practice of veena . All the eight eyes of Brahma were looking but with no observation. Bhrigu’s entry was not noticed either by Saraswati or by Brahma . Bhrigu felt terribly insulted and shouted. He tried many times but there was no response from either of them.

If people stare and not talk, we cannot tolerate ; but they are in a different world. Having become restless, Bhrigu questioned whether it is form of knowledge or form of ignorance ? is it inanimate or animate ? Is it real ? or illusion ? Is it truth or falsehood ? Bhrigu was confused.

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