Srinivasa Kalyanam 16: Srihari washes the feet of Sage Bhrigu who has kicked him on his chest

Srihari did not respond despite Maharshi Bhrigu’s praising and chanting Him with several divine names. Lakshmi also did not respond nor did recommend. People were staring at Maharshi but never responded nor recommended.

Brahma pretended to be meditating, Shiva pretended to be dancing and Vishnu was pretending to be sleeping in bliss . Hence He decided that Trimurtis were ignoring him and were egoistic. He was blaming Tirmutis.

On the request of all the sages on earth, He had walked all the way in the skies to reach these celestial planes. But those celestials in Vaikuntha were not respecting me. They were all good and cool. Srihari did not respond to my praise too. Srihari was lying down on snake bed without responding. On the earth, people adore him with reverence . He was blaming people around for not informing Lakshmi atleast of his arrival . It was incomprehensible to the sage where Srihari was smiling or pretending like child.

He thought that Trimurtis were teaching him lesson.

Bhrigu who was infuriated kicked Srihari on the chest , the abode of Mahalakshmi and was about to leave that place. He could not attack the other two ; Brahma and Shiva .Bhrigu wanted to make Srihari realize his arrival and hence kicked Him.

Srihari woke up , ran and caught hold of Bhrigu’s feet enquiring whether his feet were hurt due to kicking him on his chest. Srihari washed Bhrigu’s feet, sprinkled the water on the His head. “Oh, you possess such delicate feet, you have walked on the path of skies to reach me. I hope these feet are not paining due to kicking me on my chest’ – said Lord Srihari

Srihari is the God having the 14 worlds in His womb and yet so humble . He washed the sage’s feet and wiped them with his upper cloth. Srihari bent down to see the wound if any that was caused to the sage. Bhrigu immediately stopped the LOrd and praised Him for His patience and generosity which he expressed by touching his feet despite his deed of insulting him. Bhrigu pleaded by saying
Aparadha sahasrani Kryanthe aharnisham maya
dasoyamamatva kshamaswa parameswara !!

“As a rectification of my mistake, I keep singing the glory of my lord to all the 14 worlds.”

Regretting his deed, Bhrigu offered obeisance to Srihari and Lakshmi and then departed to earth.

Hari Hari Hari Hari anara’
Harinarayani sharanammanara !!

Chant Hari nama. Those who chant Hari Nama , never get any difficulty. Chant while sitting, standing. while eating sleeping and feeding kids. By giving good names of God to children, we are unknowingly chanting.

While offering oblations to Maharshi Bhrigu’s feet, Srihari presses the eye which is underneath the foot of Bhrigu which is the source of power and spiritual strength of Maharshi. Bhrigu did not even notice what Srihari did. His arrogance stemmed due to this eye present on his feet. Srihari plucked it out.

Lakshmi resides in the chest of Srihari. Since Srihari pressed the feet of the person who had kicked his chest, Mother Lakshmi was annoyed. She came down to earth.

when analyzed it appears like a drama to ensure Mother Lakshmi comes down to earth. We will know as the story proceeds further….

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