Srinivasa Kalyanam 17: Brahma as cow and Rudra as calf come to offer milk to Srinivasa who is in the anthill

Bhajana: Govindudu Sundarudu

Lakshmi Devi in karaveeravam kept yearning for Srihari and chanting His name. Srinivasa, meanwhile inside the anthill had not eaten anything in days.

Knowing this Lakshmidevi realized her immediate responsibility and transformed herself into a cowherdess . This wonder brought great joy to Brahma and Shiva . They understood Lakshmi devi’s intention and transformed into cow ( Brahma ) and calf ( Shiva ) and reached Lakshmi Devi . This way Brahma’s desire to coming to earth was fulfilled . Rudra is obviously there in every of Vishnu’s avataras and here he came in the form of a calf . Lakshmi Devi looked at them adorably .

The calf was very playful as it is the form Rudra . The cow was watching out for the calf but the calf was jumping in excitement . Goddess Lakshmi approached the King Chola Raja and poured her sad story of her losing her wealth and that she is left with only the cow and the calf starting from her palatial residence till even her husband . She explained how the fateful turn of events rendered her thus . After discussing this , she left the cow and calf in charge of the king. The king took charge of the cow and calf and gave money to her in lieu of them.

He then handed over their responsibility to a cowherd. The king gave special instructions to the cowherd for the cow and calf to be well taken care of. He instructed that the milk of the cow, which appeared to be of good breed, should be used for feeding his son, the prince of the land. The cowherd was instructed to take special care of this cow and calf.

The two were taken along with a large herd of cows to plush pastures for grazing . Then, unlike today where cows are tied down and fed stale food , the cows enjoyed grazing freely in green pastures . Thus these two blended into the massive herd of cows . The calf was playful and was drawing attention . Occasionally Brahma, in the form of cow got a little frustrated because he was unable to control the dynamic shiva in the form of a calf and wondered why Shiva in particular, instead of one of the celestials, took form as the calf . Leaving the cows to graze , the cowherd relaxed under a huge tree .

Seeing the sleeping cowherd , Brahma and Shiva quietly slipped away and directly reached the anthill. As all the cows were grazing , the Cow reached the anthill in which Srinivasa was resting. Shiva who was the calf immediately offered pradakshina to the anthill. Brahma who was the cow shed tears and stood on the anthill which was covered by a huge tamarind tree . Milk trickled down into the anthill from the cow’s udder . It was like Ksheerabdhi Abhishekam. For this reason the Lord Srinivasa loves milk abhishekam.

Srinivasa, who forgot what hunger was, was alerted with the trickling milk . Srinivasa started drinking that milk . In reality celestial like Lord Srinivasa and saints do not have hunger . They pretend hunger and other human like qualities to reach out to people .

In this incarnation of Srinivasa, for the first time we witness union of the Trinity. Brahma’s four faces like four Vedas poured down milk . It can be said that the Vedas incarnated as the cow and worshipped the Supreme Lord. The Vedas thus served the Lord. The cow, as an embodiment of four Vedas , extolled as sarva Veda rupini , worshipped lord Srinivasa , an Avatara of lord Vishnu .

Sarva deva roopini Gomata; Sarva kama dayini gomata

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