Srinivasa Kalyanam 29: Srinivasa proposes to Padmavathy; she walks away in anger

Srinivasa who was stunned looking at the unparalleled beauty of Padmavathi , became almost like a statue and was about to greet her with forward steps . In the meanwhile , her friends arrived there and asked her to join them. They suddenly notice the presence of Srinivasa and questioned Him as to who , from where and for what purpose He came there . Though they were questioning Srinivasa, Srinivasa was staring at Padmavathy. He was speechless. The friends put forth many questions.

Suddenly Srinivasa came into senses and asked them their identity. The friends were stubborn to know His details. Srinivasa then said that He was the son of Vasudeva and Devaki Devi, with an elder brother Bala Rama and a sister Subhadra who was married to Arjuna who had two elder brothers and two younger brothers and were all called ” Pandavas “and they were all related . He also said that He was born in Krishna Paksha ,eight days after the full moon and hence was His complexion blue . Hence He was also called Nallanayya ( A black person )

Yasya NamAnyanantAni PAvanAni ManeeshiNAm.
VarNato NAmatasAmi Krishnam PrAku Tapaswinah !

“I am the one whose Namas (divine names) are endless and am called Krishna by sages. ”

When questioned by Srinivasa , Padmavathi Devi gave her introduction that she belonged to Atri Gotra , Chandra dynasty and that her name was Padmavathi , the daughter of Aakasha Raja giving no heed for His introduction. However He requested her to go with Him right away . She walked away arrogantly from there. Srinivasa enquired why she was behaving rudely. Srinivasa said that he was not offended by her words, because she had stolen his heart. He had placed her in his heart. He asked her to join him and come along with him.

When Padmavathy said that he was going beyond his limits. She was a princess and that her father  could inflict dangerous punishment on him. Srinivasa said that He was beyond the fear of birth and death and victory and defeat , requesting her to go with Him holding her hand. Her friends almost attacked Srinivasa with fistful of stones which hurt Srinivasa . They were angry that he was about to hold Padmavathy’s hand without permission.

In the meanwhile Padmavathi escaped from there along with her friends . Srinivasa was offended that Padmavathi did not understand and accept His proposal . Vakula Mata who arrived at that place was full of sorrow looking at His condition of injuries all over the body and questioned the reason for this situation despite His courage and strength , calling Him as Krishna . She offered Him food but Srinivasa was reluctant to eat .She finally concluded that the cause could be a virgin who might have come on His way and disturbed His mind . Vakula Mata demanded for an answer .

After listening to her promise that she would fulfill His wish of marrying that woman who stole His heart , Krishna revealed about His meeting Padmavathi on the mountain . He narrated the reluctant walk out of Padmavathi along with her friends without listening to the proposals made by Him . He also expressed His staunch and divine love for her and assured Vakula Mata that she too would admire Padmavathi . Vakula Mata offered Him food and made Him sleep on her lap singing the songs , which were sung for Lord Krishna in Dwapara Yuga .

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