Srinivasa Kalyanam 28: Srinivas sees Padmavathy in the flower garden

Bhajan :
Madhava Madhu Sudhana
SriHari Hari Madhava !!
Pondering over the utterances of the sage, Padmavathy went towards the Royal palace .

Her female folks, who had deserted her, now returned her and said, “let us now go to the flower garden on top of the hill”.. Padmavathy joyfully walked towards the flower garden on the hill top and began to wander there leisurely.

As Padmavathy was born from a lotus and there had always been affinity between lotus and the honey bees , all the honey bees started forming around Padmavathy’s face in the garden . From the set of honey bees , one bee flew to Srinivasa who admired the bee.

Here in this context we need to remember the role of honey bee in pollination and fertilization of the flowers . It reflects the propagation of species and formation of fruits from flowers. Here one of them represents Prakriti (Nature) and other is Purusha (Self). Many in-depths meanings are hidden in this story of the bee going from one to another. As we dig out the spiritual meaning of it , we get amazing information. Srinivasa was admiring the honey bee that was going around him in admiration.

In the meanwhile , there arrived many forest animals with an act of instigating Srinivasa to catch hold of them. Incidentally one horse arrived at that place as though it was for Srinivasa . Srinivasa jumped on to the horse and followed animals . They all suddenly disappeared taking a right turn as a hint . Srinivasa also began to chase them by going in that direction.

The branches of huge trees too bent towards right side as if asking him to go in that direction. That is Nature’s participation. It was instigating him to go towards the right side. Srinivasa was wondering at the sudden changes that were occurring in the Nature and He felt very happy for what was happening , despite knowing that He Himself was the creator of the happenings . Srinivasa got down from the horse and touched all the huge trees with warmth, since everything present on the mountain which was a divine Saligrama , was pious and divine ; be it a tree, lake , air or the sand . Everything was the creation of Srinivasa.

For this reason the hill is very sacred. It is wrong to misbehave or engage in impious activities while in Tirumala.

There again appeared all the animals to direct Srinivasa . After a while , they disappeared and ran towards the right. The animals appearing and disappearing cannot be compared to the illusionary deer in the Ramayana since that deer went there on a destructive purpose whereas , these animals had come with an intention of world prosperity . ( Srinivasa Kalyanamu ) Srinivasa wondered at all these unique happenings and the directions shown by animals as well as the horse anticipating significance of right side .

Srinivasa was about to turn back to go towards His house but to His surprise there was a very graceful but egoistic elephant standing in front of Him. Srinivasa tried to order the elephant to give way but elephant rumbled and started going towards the right side . Srinivas wanted to catch hold of that elephant and teach him a lesson. This tells us how each and every organism was trying for the unison of Srinivasa and Padmavathy for universal prosperity . Every living organism was putting its effort .

Padmavathy , the form of Lakshmi Devi and Prakriti ( Nature ) should unite with Srinivasa , the Purusha . All these incidents were taking place only with the influence of Nature . The animals, birds, plants, insects were striving to unite them.

As Padmavathy was playing with her friends Nature was directing Srinivasa towards Padmavathy . The horse was tired and Srinivasa tried stopping the elephant with an arrow . But the elegant disappeared showing the path to garden . Looking at the beautiful ambiance , Srinivasa forgot His anger with elephant .

All of a sudden, Padmavathy who was playing with the bees appeared before him. Looking at Padmavathy, Srinivasa was stunned for her unparalleled beauty . At that time arrived the elephant looking at which in the fit of awe, Padmavathy walked backwards .

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