Srinivasa Kalyanam 3: The Lord responds when called by any divine name

Since Lord Venkateswara  is Parabrahma , He responds when He is called by any name. That He is the manifestation of Parabrahma, our sages and all the rishis declared  He responds to any name. When you say  Venkata Ramana , he comes running as  Sankata Harana to dispel our suffering.  When we utter Namah Shivaya, He comes with the trident and wipes away our sorrow. He responds to Balaji too which is named after Goddess Bala,  He comes running to save us.

Since there should be a system for everything, Vedas glorify and praise Him as Govinda. Everyone started calling Him as Govinda as the name has a universal appeal. His prosperity is eternal,  which is the treasure of knowledge. Hence all sages and great men called him Srinivasa. Also called him as Govinda since He is the Parabrahma.which has been confirmed.

He is the main source of prosperity and knowledge. Most of us do not bother for knowledge but aspire for  and seek Prosperity. They say that God gives us in multiples of  what we give him . We made God as commercial entity. Lord Venkateswara also is prepared to the commercial aspect since the devotees are ignorant and hence the Lord initiated to bless them in multiples of what they offer to Him. One reminisce of that Swamy clears all the sins. Nama smarana and calling Him out as Venkatesa or Govinda ,make people get rid oif their sins.We do not have expertise in Tarka, Shastra and Veda. We cannot argue logically . The only thing we can do is Nama Smarana. Indulging in unwanted logical analyses dminishes our devotion. Hence we have to put an end to argument .

Palaya Govinda Sesha Chalapathi Govinda !!

Srinivasa is verily the God of Kaliyuga. He is Govinda.He had been there since ages. He is highly powerful. His manifestation is unique. it is much different and special compared to all other manifestations of Lord Vishnu. He is the God of seven hills. The one who is worshipped in difficulties. Tirumala Vasa, the one who  resides in Tirumala. The protector of the homeless. The protector of the orphans.

At every step we keep singing His glory. We utter His nama, in every breath of ours. Inhale by saying Govinda and exhale by saying Govinda. Utter His Nama at every blink of your eyes . The Nama should occupy every nerve of our body, and  it should be on par with the flow of blood in the body. Every drop of blood should keep singing Govinda – You are my Lord whether I face good or bad in my life. The form of Maha Vishnu which descends from Vaikuntha is none other than Lord venkateswara. How much ever we we praise the Lord, it would be insufficient. Like  Brahma.Venkateswara is creating, like Vishnu He is sustaining the world and is discarding  like Shiva / Rudra. He is removing everything like we human beings dispose the old ones and get the new things at home.

But some people with a faith that it is a matter of luck, accumulate articles, used by even their ancestors. But Venkateswara discarded  even the manifestations since for every Avatara also there was an end to the physical form.  We need to realize that we ourselves are not permanent in this world and then question the need to amass materialistic possessions. Since God cannot erase the dirt that you accumulate, God erases the person himself. People accumulate the bodies of ancestors. Once in Peru, people invited Swamiji to their house saying that there is God in their house. There were rooms inside rooms. when they opened the innner most room, there were bodies of their ancestors. It was giving very bad odour. Swamiji came out of their house. They preserved the bodies which have no life and chaitanya. Rudra says that He will discard if we do not discard . 

Every human being has to worship  such wonderful Lord Srinivasa. Every human being should work towards achieving Purusharthas, the four conducts of life i.e., Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha.  The life of one who does not practice this is mere waste. Life is a golden opportunity to learn the tattva of Paramatma. We are advised by our eders that we should not waste even a single minute, an hour or a day . But we are wasting an entire life time. We are not making use of a wonderful chance.  Most of our time is wasted in sleep, anger, happiness, investing time on thinking in excess of unnecessary things/people, time spent in bus stand, railway station, airports-you are losing the whole lifetime. Laziness and ignorance are of devilish nature. At some point, you will realize and open a book in old age.  But by the time you read one page, you get tired since you never pracised. We have to aim at achieving great deeds. The one who died or the one who is not born at all is much better than the one who wastes his life. How can one not be reborn? It is possible only  by attaining liberation. 

Our aim should be to achieve or accomplish something in life. A person who doesn’t even attempt to achieve something is a complete waste.

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