Srinivasa Kalyanam 4: Chanting the Lord’s name bestows liberation in Kali-yuga

The one who is not born cannot become an achiever. The one who cannot achive is considered as non existing. Hanuman felt like ending his life when he could not collect the ring from the River and felt that he failed to find Sita and help Rama. He wanted to die. Because of this He developed a suicidal tendency.. When He realized that he had no right to feel so, since He did not have any right on his life, Hanuman repented and sought pardon from Rama .

If you want to ‘die’, every time your life span gets multiplied. Atma hatya (suicide), Sishu hatya,(killing a child ) Gohatya, (killing a cow) Matruhatya(killing mother) are all very unpardonable. They are all sinners. You should welcome difficulties by which your sin gets reduced. You should never be upset with God or with yourself in difficulties. Only timid people might say that. The one who does not think of God is a traitor. To lead a confident life, we have to listen to Lord’s stories.

Whenever we visit a temple, we have to have darshan of the celestials who are guarding the temple. We have to worship them first. Lord Shiva is the guard of Tirumala. We are not supposed to wear sandals, should not spit and urinate as the whole mountain is one ‘saligrama’. For Datta Venkateswara also ‘Sarvadosha Hara’ Shiva is the Kshetra palaka. Wherever there is Shiva there is Narayana.

Shivaya Vishnu Rupaya Shiva Rupaya Vishnave.

Both of them are one and the same. Lord Srinivasa is in the hearts of everyone and is ruling. He appears in different forms for different people. But God is only one.

In Krita Yuga people attained liberation by meditating upon paramatma.
In Treta Yuga, people attained liberation by performing yajnas and yagas.
In Dwapara Yuga, it was possible to attain liberation by performing archana.
In Kali Yuga, mere sankeertana gives salvation.
Govinda. He is not a female, nor a male. He is always amidst people. We do not know who he is blessing, troubling, saving or punishing. Lord Vishnu protected the Earth in all four yugas taking four different forms.

Lord Vishnu likes the earth the most. There are 14 worlds. But on the earth, Lord Vishnu manifested ten times.
Lord Vishnu manifested on the earth in different yugas as ,
Krita Yuga as Narasimha,
Treta Yuga as Raghunandana,
Dwapara as Vasudeva,
Kaliyuga as Venkata Nayaka

1. In Krita yuga, to culminate the misdeeds of Hiranyakashyapa, Lord Vishnu manifested as Lakshmi Narasimha to protect the earth.

Bhajan: Yadagireeswara Saadaramamava Jaya Jaya Narasimha !!

With a true love for Prahlada, His disciple and love for the Earth, Lord Vishnu manifested with half lion’s body and a half human body. He appeared in the pillar and came out breaking the pillar.

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