Srinivasa Kalyanam 30: Coming to know the real identity of Padmavati, Vakula proceeds to the palace

Krishna Krishna Hari Keshava !
Vishno Jishno Sada Mamava !
Vakula Mata curiously enquired about the past and present of the lady to whom Srinivasa tried to propose . Srinivasa said that she was Vedavati in her previous life and she performed an amazing penance to be blessed to marry Srinivasa .
In her past life , Ravanasura forced her to marry him. She declared that she intended to marry only Srinivasa and that she was not interested in marrying him. But he forced her time and again. As this pressure increased from Ravana , Vedavati , using her yogic energy created fire and jumped into the fire . The helpless Ravana retired from that place . Due to her yogic power , Vedavati remained the same and unaffected by the fire. Agni deva, the Fire-god in appreciation, gave her shelter. He also informed her of the great deed she would have to support in future .
As it is obvious to everyone , in the Ramayana , Ravana went to Dandakaranya in the disguise of a golden deer and attracted Sita . Sita Mata got tempted to possess it and requested Rama to obtain it for her . As Lakshmana was taking care of her and Rama’s voice was heard , Sita Mata sent Lakshmana to take care of Rama . In the meanwhile , Ravana carried away Sita Mata .

While Ravana was carrying Sita Mata , the Fire-god appeared and informed Ravana that he cheated Rama and Lakshmana by going in disguise of a golden deer. Do you know that Rama is a greater conjurer than you? However he could not cheat Sita Mata as the one he was carrying was not really Sita Mata and that she was Vedavati.She is not Sita. Vedavati is here disguised as Sita. Sita is safe in my custody. I am speaking cause I revere you. If you trust me, I will hand over the real Sita to you.

Fire God then took the real Sita who was being abducted by Ravana and kept her safely with Swaha devi. He then transformed Vedavati into Sita and handed over Vedavati to Ravana.

After killing Ravana and before leaving for Ayodhya, I asked Sita to undergo a fire test to prove her chastity. Sita disappeared into the fire. From the fire three persons emerged.  They were , Agni Purusha , Sita Mata and Vedavati .

Agni Purusha explained how Sita Mata was protected from the hands of Ravana by transforming Vedavati into Sita Mata . Since Vedavati helped Rama so much , Agni Purusha requested Rama to marry her also in appreciation of her penance performed by her , to have Rama as her husband . Then Rama said that in that incarnation , He was very keen on maintaining discipline of one word , one wife and one arrow . Hence Rama promised that he would marry Vedavati in his next incarnation. Until that time Vedavati would reside in Brahma loka, said Rama.

That Vedavati was born as Padmavathi . He explained all this to his mother . Listening to this, Vakula Mata left that place to meet Padmavathi . Srinivasa felt very happy and had food .
Namah Krishnaya RAmAya Vasudeva Sutayacha
Pradyumnaya Aniruddhaya SAtvatAm Pataye Namah !
Vakula Devi started her travel and reached Agastya Ashrama . Srinivasa felt happy for this deed . There was a shiva temple where ablutions for shiva were being performed which was a good sign .
Namah Shivaya Shantaya Namassomaya Shambhave Namah Namah Shivaya Kalyani Pataye te Namo Namah !!
Vakula Mata thought that Shiva alone could help in making her efforts successful. Looking at the attire of the women folk there, she decided that they were from the Royal palace . She enquired who they were . They replied that they were the attendants of Padamavathi , the princess and that they were getting the ablutions done for Shiva .

The previous evening they were playing in a garden and a handsome and graceful Man arrived there . His name was Srinivasa and appeared like a hunter. He tried to converse with Padmavathi and tried to hold her hand. The annoyed Padmavathi made us beat him with the stones . Looking at His injuries, Padmavathi became unconscious . Immediately Padmavathi was taken to the palace where the king and the queen, looking at Padmavathi’s condition, called for a royal priest .

After testing her,the priest said that ” Padmavathi met a person who made a great impact on her mind . Padmavathi was so much attracted by that person that she would reach Him soon.

Shortly a lady would enter that place and if the parents follow her instructions, Padmavathi would settle in happiness . Perform a shanti Puja and everything would be fine . Shiva Himself was great and hence invite 11 priests to perform ablutions to Shiva . With the power and result of ablutions alone Padmavathi would become conscious ” The frineds said that they were getting ablutions performed with the instructions given by Daivaghna. Finally they questioned Vakula Mata about her details and who she was. Then Vakula Mata said that she went there with a specific purpose and that she was supposed to speak to the queen , Dharani Devi to get her work done . She also requested the friends to take her to Dharani Devi .

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