Srinivasa Kalyanam 31: Srinivasa comes to the palace in the guise of a female fortune-teller

Vakula Devi requested the folklore , who were watching the ablutions being performed to Lord Shiva , to take her to the queen Dharani Devi whom she wanted to approach. The folklore too agreed to do so since she was an elderly woman. The bell rang which they considered to be an auspicious sign. Eleven priests were performing ablutions to Lord Shiva by chanting Namaka and Chamaka , singing the glory of Lord Shiva . The folklore had a blissful Darshan .
Bhajan :
Naga Bhusham Nada Thosham .
Tam Namami Maheswaram

The folklore along with holy Prasadam left for the palace of the princess Padmavathi who fell unconscious looking at injured Srinivasa . They invited Vakula Mata too , to accompany them . But by then Dharani Devi was occupied and hence Vakula Devi and also the priests who arrived there were asked to wait .

During that time Srinivasa got tensed whether Vakula Devi would bring a positive news or not. Hence Srinivasa started in the guise of a fortune teller . His koustubha gold chain turned into a bead chain. All other ornaments too became bead jewellery . Bead bangles in the place of gold bracelet appeared . A band appeared in the hand . Srinivasa in the form of a fortune teller , started singing that He was a fortune teller . The crown got transformed into a basket . On His back appeared a seven month old baby .
Sodi chaputhanamma sodi chaputha !!
I tell what is going to happen as it is !
I tell what is not going to happen as it is !
Kurro Kurru !! Konda devara Kurro Kurru !
I speak whatever Konda devara utters !
Srinivasa having taken the guise of Pulindi , walked towards the palace of Aakasha Raju . Dharani Devi happened to listen to Srinivasa’s announcements and looked at Padmavathi suspecting a reason that caused disturbance on Padmavathi’s face . Dharani Devi considered the entry of Fortune teller as a divine incident since she thought of learning from the fortune teller the reason for Padmavathi’s disturbed mind and then proceed with the remedial measures . Hence she ordered the folklore to invite the Pulindi into the royal palace .
Namah Parama Kalyana Namah Parama Mangala
VASUDEVAYA Shantaya YadunAm Pataye Namah
Pulindi started narrating the incidents past and future . She is none other than Maha Vishnu . Hence she told that ” when Padmavathi went to garden to play with her folklore , she happened to meet a handsome person who is none other than Maha Vishnu of Vaikuntha . That Vishnu who arrived on to the mountain , is called Venkatadheesha . He is popularly known as Srinivasa . Your daughter having not identified his true form , instigated her folklore to beat him . Later , after realizing and recognizing Him, she was hurt and fell unconscious .”

He also revealed that Padmavathi fell in divine love with Srinivasa and it would be good for the kingdom, King, queen and Padmavathi also if their wedding was performed . Or else she would die in three days . ” If the wedding is performed, it brings prosperity to the whole kingdom ” said Srinivasa , disguised as fortune teller . He also said that an old lady sent by Srinivasa would approach them and instructed them to follow her advise and do accordingly . Before manifestation as Edukondala vaadu , Srinivasa’s miracles were stunning .
Bhajan :
Edukondala ElikA
Yelara Inta Alaka !

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