Srinivasa Kalyanam 46: Srinivasa explains to Lakshmi his plan of repaying the loan to Kubera

Bhajan : KshamaswAparAdham Maha Lakshmi Devi !

Bhrigu Maharshi prayed to Lakshmi to pardon his mistake . Lakshmi immediately excused and said that it was like the Leela played by Narayana . There was no point in Bhrigu’s hitting Narayana,

She herself feeling insulted and came down to the earth. This caused Srinivasa to leave Vaikuntha . This was all created by Narayana . Narayana tests everyone and also Himself . He punishes others ,and verifies whether it really pained or not by giving Himself the same punishment .

Lakshmi Devi reached the left side of Srihari. Celestials felt happy. Gods and great sages can foresee the upcoming dangers or events but they do not tell anyone . They might ask to stop the hazard. Mahatmas never directly inform of the future difficulties. Had Narayana hinted Lakshmi about the arrival and the deed that was going to be performed by Bhrigu Maharshi , Lakshmi would have either kept quite unaffected with the insult or fought with him. That is why Srinivasa planned everything .

Srinivasa along with Srilakshmi reached Tirumala. This itself is Vaikuntha. Vakula Mata received them both warmly. Padmavati offered harati to them both. Srinivasa took Lakshmi aside and informed her about His loan taken from Kubera and asked how He should repay . Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, said that they can repay immediately. She asked him to call Kubera so that they can complete the transaction immediately.

But Srinivasa said, “Lakshmi, I will reveal a profound secret to you. I have taken loan in the name of marriage. In this Kali yuga, we have to behave just as the people behave during this period. During Rama incarnation he enacted like a human being. Exactly in the same pattern, during Kali yuga, I have to enact like a human being. In order to destroy Kali purusha, the presiding deity of Kali yuga and to offer respite to his devotees during this period I have to enact a drama.

I want to educate people the righteousness and unrighteousness. I want to teach them devotion. I intend to stay back for that reason. In Kali Yuga , people are not clean hearted. They pray only to fulfill their wishes . People are very selfish. They pray only for fulfillment of selfish desires. Once wish is fulfilled , they forget God .

People pray for wealth, health, power and peace only till their desire is fulfilled. Once their desire is fulfilled, they forget devotion. Based on their devotion and eligibility I will reward them. As soon as they think of me, I will destroy their difficulties.. I want to remain here to protect them from the difficulties vases due to Kali. I will stay in Tirumala till end of Kali yuga and help my difficulties. My devotees need my help during this period of Kali.” Lakshmi said, “O compassionate Lord! no one understands the depth of compassion you have. Please tell me how you plan to repay the loan. I am worried about the loan.”

Srinivasa said ” Devi ! For people of kaliyuga, only money is important . They are willing to stoop down to any extent for the sake of money like killing their own people . They will kill their parents, king, relatives or even themselves for earning money. They will unhesitatingly cheat, tell lies, engage in unrighteous activities for earning wealth. All these sins attach to them. In form of ill health and difficulties their sins will torment them. Time will ensure that they pay for their sinful deeds.

In the times of utmost difficulty and ill-health , they will seek refuge in me. they will pray and promise to offer me money and gold if their problems are resolved. In the form of money and collections, I will actually be sucking their sins. What they offer to me is actually their sins. I will draw them close to me. I give them difficulties and dispel difficulties and in this process ensure that they remain close to me” .

Lakshmi felt bad. Tears filled her eyes seeing his compassion towards his devotees. She asked whether it was good to take such sinful money .

Srinivasa said, “here lies the secret. To those to pray to me for money, I will offer the money received from the sinners.  The money offered by virtuous people I will use towards interest repayment to Kubera while retaining a little with myself.  The invisible energy which exists in sinful money I will keep distributing it in this manner”.

Lakshmi asked why He was telling all the secrets to her alone . She asked what her role was in this situation . As she questioned directly , Srinivasa answered that she should bestow those devotees who think , speak and worship Srinivasa with abundant money without a second thought . If they are blessed with riches , they will keep doing good deeds . Lakshmi should pour down money to such people without any discretion. They should be soaked in wealth. Without even thinking whether they are good people or bad, money should be poured into their coffers.

Lakshmi Devi was stunned. She thougght, “My Lord is not asking money to repay his loan. He wants to see his devotees rich. He gives such importance to his devotees”. She was shocked. Tears filled her eyes.She then asked, “promise me that due to the arrogance due to money and riches, they should not do any bad deeds” .

Srinivasa said, “My words will never be untrue’. All the sins of any person who steps into Triumala will be washed off completely. If he engages in any charitable deeds on this sacred hill, his merit will multiply by ten times. If he worships me, all forms of auspiciousness will come to him. Hence there is no danger if you make people rich . As you give money , I take drag them towards me . He cannot escape from my grip. He has to pray to me and make offerings to me. He will get purified. HIs troubles will be dispelled. From the pious offerings I shall accept a tiny share and use the rest for loan repayment. They should keep up their words and promise . Only I know which money is righteous and sinful. How will those who count the money understand my accounting principles? How can those who steal money during the process of counting understand it? I shall collect from these people again in different form.

Once He surrenders , I will bless them . This is the secret of the loan taken. Now tell me, did I take the loan for my personal benefit?”

Lakshmi realized the purpose behind the secret of loan and prayed to Srinivasa .

Murisipotunnavu Merisipotunnavu Ananda Jyothivai O Venkatsha ! Having thoroughly understood Srinivasa’s concern for devotees and His trials to protect them from Kali Purusha, Lakshmi Devi stayed back on His chest

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