Srinivasa Kalyanam 45: Srinivasa decides to remain as a Salagrama idol on the hill

Manninchi Karuninchu O Madhava !!

Srinivasa felt happy that TondamAn Raja , Padmavathi’s brother and all others were happy , including Padmavathi .

People were also happy . But what about His contribution for His physical struggle and effort in the war ? Srinivasa was thinking of His benefit. Srinivasa demanded some share for all his efforts in the war.

Both Tondaman and Vasdhana was perplexed and shocked. Immediately they recovered from the shock. TondamAn said ,” Swamy ! This is all ( kingdom ) given by you . This is all yours ! Kindly take everything “. Vasudhana also reciprocated the same message.

Srinivasa asked them to discuss amongst themselves and come up with a proper solution. They offered 32 villages to Srinivasa. Srinivasa happily accepted this gift. He blessed them and then together with Padmavaty went back to Seshachalam .

After some time when observed , people had become very manipulative. No righteousness . No values ! Men behaved like women while women behaved like men. People had lost fear of dharma. They had no reverence towards elders and Gurus. I have to increase devotion and dedication towards dharma in them all. However if I act directly in person no one will believe me.

He wanted to do it indirectly. Srinivasa decided to remain as a salagrama, as an idol on the hill and wanted to teach dharma to everyone . I will become black idol in Kaliyuga and complete this task . Seeing my idol, people will be afraid. Devotion will increase in them. I will take on a black form so that Kali will fear me. I will be a Salagrama idol. Righteousness will remain at least to some extent. Good people will try to convert others too devotional .

Seeing the dark idol, sometimes people get terrified. the Kali which exists in people will get terrified.

In each scripture, the Tattva appears to be differently stated . When they are all properly understood, the message is clear to us. Padma puranam reveals perfect content . ‘Why is Srinivasa idol always black in colour?’- This question has a deep spiritual significance. To explain its essence, many days are needed.

After deciding to remain like a statue , Srinivasa approached sage Shuka . There is a Padma lake nearby. Srinivasa sat on the banks of the lake and meditated upon wind-god. Srinivasa instructed Wind-god to consecrate one thousand pettaled lotus (sahasra daLa padma) in the lake nearyby . Looking at that lotus, Srinivasa went into meditation , focusing on SriLakshmi .

At that time Lakshmi Devi was in nether world (PatAla) staying in sage Kapila’s Ashrama. Sage Kapila was serving Her while she was in penance. Lakshmi Devi went to PataLa for more privacy, she shifted from Karaveerapuram .

Lakshmi Devi asked sage Kapila ” Why is Srinivasa , the God, doing penance ? I am not able to concentrate on my penance. I am getting disturbed . I was really annoyed with Him and came here . But why did I get angry with Him when He married Padmavathi ? When He is supposed to oblige the whole universe. why not that royal woman Padmavathi ?

With an egoistic feeling that Swamy would call me again if I stay in Karaveeravam Puram, I came to this nether region thinking that He cannot trace me here, However in reality, all planes are under his control. It is He who created all the 14 planes of existence . How ignorant am I ? Why did I think that He will not locate me if I am so far away? I am so foolsih. From Karaveeravam Puram atleast He sent a word but now He is pulling me by diverting my penance. Foolishly I was arrogant. O sage Kapila ! Guide me . What is it that I should do now?”

Sage Kapila said” Srinivasa is doing penance to call you. Remember that Srinivasa does not belong to anyone. He is not for Lakshmi alone since Swamy belongs to everyone . In fact Swamy Himself declares that he does not belong to Himself also. There is none equal to him”.

“I am on par with me alone” said Srinivasa . If He is calling you , it is with a resolve that He is doing . O Lakshmi ! You are in His heart ! It is you who brought Him on to the earth. Never be away from Him. Go to Srinivasa” said the sage .

Lakshmi took leave of the sage and appeared on the lotus flower in the lake which was consecrated.

All the celestials felt very happy . They showered flowers upon her. Brahma appeared there and requested her, to relocate back into His heart and stay with Srinivasa . Bhrigu Maharshi went to Lakshmi running and asked to excuse Him for his wrong deed of hitting on the chest of Narayana .

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