Srinivasa Kalyanam 48: Lord Srinivasa blesses Tondaman with liberation

Bhajan : Naa DIkku néeve Srinivasa !

Swamy went to  Bhima , a potter’s house . Bhima said, “O Lord I am an ignorant devotee. Yet you have come to my home. There is nothing that I can offer to You.”  Bhima was totally confused and brought several pots with milk. In that confusion he brought some without milk and offered to the Lord. The Lord was smilingly watching him. The potter was dropping the pots due to his trembling hands. His wife Tamalini brought the food that she cooked and offered to Swamy. Such was her innocent devotion. Egoistic people should learn pure love and warmth for God from people like Tamalini . Due to the arrogance that they are learned or that they know the Bhagavad Gita completely, they can never reach God.

Bhima was angry with his wife and her ignorance – How can you offer the rice cooked here to the Lord?.  Meanwhile Srinivasa stretched his hand out and asked her to serve the food she prepared. Seeing this Garuda’s experienced horripilation throughout of body.  Srinivasa never ate even when the greatest Gods and great sages offered food but He was asking for food in the house of an ordinary potter.

Bhima and Tamalini were confused in serving Srinivasa but He was accepting whatever they were offering. They were soaked in bliss that the Lord had accepted food in their home. In that state of happiness they were mistakenly offering one object in place of another to the Lord. Such was their anxiety!

He was immersed In  Love for them and expressed the same and asked them to seek a boon .Srinivasa then said, “I am extremely pleased with your devotion. Enough of this service. Now I will serve you.”

Hethen  meditated on Lakshmi Devi who arrived there instantly. She went thre in all glory of jewels . Srinivasa gave the jewellery of Laksmi to Tamalini and asked her to wear . Srinivasa offered to Bhima a jewel that closely resembled the Kaustubha gem which HE wore and many silken clothes . As they touched them, the messengers of Vishnu arrived there. They went there to take them to Vaikuntha .

Looking at this , TondamAn rushed to the Lord and fell at his feet. He said, “O Lord please excuse me. I have sinned. There are many supreme devotees of yours, I now understand. I am nothing in front of these mighty devotees. O Lord, I have trusted you completely Please bless me too with liberation, which you have granted to Bheema”

Srinivasa replied, “Tondaman, Do you know that there are many citizens in your kingdom who in devotion can be compared to Bheema and his wife? Hence it is wrong to be egoistic. Never compare with others. No two people think alike. NO two hearts merge. Each one has his own opinion and viewpoints. Never hurt others. Never hurt yourself. Be contended with what is earned.

The opinions of no two persons tally despite their having similarities in physique , food habits and other issues. We should be happy with what we have . We have to adjust . We should never question the decision of God comparing with others . Treat happiness and sorrows given by God as a prasadam given by him. Why does the God bless the arrogant? Why has he showered favours upon the wrong-doers? Those who complain that God had given people with no morale , a great blessing and ignored them despite being righteous in life , will be sent to inferno .

There is no doubt that you are my ardent devotee. I will undoubtedly bestow what you want. Tondaman, hand over the kingdom to your son Srinivasa. Give up this body which has become sinful and take up another body.

Do not to be in a hurry to give up the body. Complete to the full life span given to this body. You will then get a good birth and good body. Your worship will then be rendered fruitful. Now even if you work hard the impuritiy will not be cleansed. Complete this life properly. In that birth you will get liberation.” Saying this, Srinuvasa along with Garukmanta flew away.

As per Srinivasa’s instructions, TondamAn reached the holy lake ( pushkarini ) and meditated upon Srinivasa . At the end of his life , Srinivasa manifested and blessed him with a boon of getting the next pious life when he could get liberated .

Twamloke vastu michchami Jaramarana michyate Shrunuyadyaya Pathedbhaktyaya ! KathAm PunyAm PurAtanAm SatubhuktAm Kila kAmAm Anthe Vishnu Padam  Vrajeth

“I want to reside in Vaikunta wherein there is no births and deaths”. Srinivasa blessed Tondaman with this.

Those who rendered this story , listened to it, read it  and those who arranged will in the end go to Vishnu Loka .

Bhajan : Govinda Govinda Govinda Madhava !

This is Srinivasa Kalyanam . This is a Leela . This is the story of His prosperity .

Many scriptures depicted Srinivasa in different ways . Many poets studied and described Srinivasa  in different angles . Swamiji spoke of Srinivasa in the spiritual perspective . There is lot to know about Srinivasa and good to know . It is blissful to know about Srinivasa  and His miracles . We can learn different aspects from different scriptures like VarAha Puranam , Padma Puranam , Garuda Puranam , VAmana Puranam , SKANDA PurAnam, Aditya Puranam , Bhavishyottara PurAnAm Brahmottara PurAnam .

Various pandits had written the miracles of Srinivasa in different ways . Srinivasa manifested in different places. The 8 most important places where He manifested are Srirangam , SrivushnM, Venkatadri, SAlagramam , Naimisham , Totradinpushkaram, NArayana Ashramam,

To the self-manifested Lord there are PANCHA Avataras (5 incarnations).

Para swaroopa – This is the original Swarupa of Vaikuntha. Residents of Vaikuntha worship HIm in this form.

Vyuha Swarupam – The manifestation taken based on the worship of devotees. In this form He does creation

Vibhava Swarupam – This manifestation speaks of the ten Avataras of Vishnu  and their prosperity .

This form is seen by a Jeevi when Karma was being experienced

Antaryami rupam – When the individual entity experiences the states of heaven and hell; when he experinces the results of his past fruitive activities this form is visible, Through mitra dharma, this form which can be witnessed only by Yogis . In the heart of the disciple , Narayana remains in the size of a thumb  in the heart-space . He remains as a witness and is not affected by impurities of the individual entity.

Archavataram: Idols of the Lord made in metal, wood and mud . The priests are all worshipping the Archana Murthy. He accepts the offerings and worship made. In Tirumala in the form of Archana murthy the Lord remains as a Salagrama idol.


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