Swamiji, was your childhood more blissful or is the present stage more blissful?

Bliss (ananda) is a state that is over and above joys and sorrows and is quite different from either of them. Bliss will always remain as bliss. It is a complete state in itself. There is nothing called greater or lesser bliss. The bliss experienced by Swamiji in his childhood, the bliss that he is experiencing now and the bliss that he will be experiencing in future are nothing but one and the same!

Purvasharama (stage prior becoming a renunciate) was the preparatory stage of life. The present is a stage of expansion. There is a relation between the two. It cannot be said that these 2 states are different from one another. One incident will be the cause for another incident. Today’s incident is the result of yesterday’s incident. Similarly today’s incidents will affect future incident. All life there will be incidents like this. Life is nothing but a sum total of all incidents. To Swamiji, bliss is one and the same. This is Sacchidananda Upanishad.

-Glimpses of Bhaktimala 4

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