At times Swamiji behaves like an ordinary person. What is the reason behind this?

This is the divine sport of that Paramātma who is also the controller of this entire drama.  Just as the saying ‘Anooraneeyaan mahatormahiyaan’ it is quite natural for Swamiji to behave smaller than the smallest atom and on other occasions behave bigger than the biggest object ever seen on this Earth. The same Lord who showed His Universal form (vishwaroopa) incarnated as Vamana (thumb sized form) wasn’t it? Therefore according to the situation, and as per the circumstances present at that minute, Swamiji at times behaves not only as an ordinary person, but even more stupid and ordinary than even the most ordinary person!

To help in the spiritual growth of an ordinary person it is inevitable that Swamiji has to go down to their level and behave like them. Swamiji’s aim is to attract not only pundits and the erudite scholars but also the stupid, wretched and ordinary people.  It is only when He goes down to their low level and deals with them that they derive true satisfaction. However the true devotees are able to derive equal bliss from Swamiji’s actions irrespective of the level He has stooped down to.

Pretentious devotees believe that Swamiji has fallen from His divinity and they develop a dislike for Him. This just reflects their chanchala buddhi (wavering intellect).

Irrespective of the level He is in, Swamiji is only Swamiji. He cannot subject to any type of change. Realizing this truth, a true devotee is able to understand that in reality there is no difference between the highest level and the lowest level and he is able to treat both the situations equally. Swamiji loves such devotees.

-Glimpses of Bhaktimala 4

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