To bless devotees, Swamiji travels to many countries. Which is Swamiji’s most favorite country?

The Supreme energy, Parashakti, exists in every place, in every country, in every region and in every direction. When in every place only His energy is pervading then the feeling that one particular place or one particular region/country is superior to another does not exist. In Swamiji’s opinion every place is equal. He sees the entire Earth with the same measure. Not only this Earth, to Swamiji other lokas (planes) are also equally likeable.

True beauty exists only where true devotion (bhakti) exists! Beauty without devotion is like decorating a dead corpse. Even a rough barren land is as valuable as gold if it is enveloped with true devotion. It transforms into a land of God. Beauty sprouts there automatically. As Paramatma is omnipresent, beauty exists everywhere.

-Glimpses of Bhaktimala 4

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