Vanara Gita 73: The power of Hoomkāra mantra

Being a form of the Trinity, Hanuman has in Him the aspects of all the three Gods. He relieves the sufferings of the beings in all the three planes of existence (lokas). He blesses them in accordance with what they have sought through their prayers.


In one of eons (Yugas) long gone, a ferocious battle broke out between the Devatas and the demons. We come across such stories quite repeatedly. This heated battle shook all the planes of existence. Without caring for their lives, the armies on either side were engaged in this fierce battle. Even the huge loss of lives would not deter them. Gradually, the power of the Devatas began to decline and the demons were emerging stronger. Ultimately the demons were victorious and the Devatas ran away from the battlefield in fright.


Accompanied by Lord Brahma and Vishnu, the Devatas reached Kailas, the abode of Shiva, and prayed to Him, in all earnest. Shiva welcomed them warmly and enquired from them the reason for this visit.


The Devatas cried, “O Lord! The demons who have become powerful due to the boons that they had secured from you earlier are now committing heinous crimes. Due to this, poverty has enveloped all the planes and the beings therein are tormented due to drought and famine.  Now you have to protect from this calamity. On the one hand, the beings are being tormented by the demons and on the other, they are suffering with the famine, drought and poverty associated with it. Please save them, O Lord”.


Upon hearing this, Shiva’s anger knew no bounds. He assured them, “I will not be able to destroy these demons. However, you are aware of my incarnation as Hanuman. Hence all of you please pray to Hanuman. He will help you. Your enemies, these demons, will then abuse Hanuman. He will ensure that these demons are killed. Fight them bravely. You will surely gain victory and win the custody of heaven. All of you will be restored to your original positions.”


All the Devatas now proceeded towards the Mountain Gandhamadana, the abode of Hanuman. There they noticed that He was being served by Angada, Jhambavanta and other eminent Vanaras. With feelings of complete devotion, the Devatas too prayed to Hanuman.


Receiving them reverentially, Hanuman learnt from them the reason for the visit. Assuring them of complete victory, He too accompanied them to the battlefield. The battle began. The demons arrived in hordes and fell upon Hanuman. They began to abuse him and hurl all kinds of weapons at him. For a very long time, displaying great patience Hanuman tolerated them. At last, deciding that such patience served no purpose, he roared the mantra ‘Hoom’ so loudly, that the entire earth and sky trembled. This loud roar of ‘Hoom’ was enough to cause the demons to tremble. Their heart missed a beat and they were drained of all energy. As if this were insufficient, he showed them a ferocious form of His, with three heads and six eyes. Many demons died out of fright seeing this sight. Others were killed by the Devatas.


Peace was thus restored in all the planes. Bliss was overflowing everywhere. Observing this feat accomplished by Hanuman, the Lords Brahma, Vishnu and all the other Devatas appeared there, sung hymns and glorified Him. To them Hanuman said, “Continue to worship me. Recite my mantra. All the auspiciousness will be bestowed upon you. Intellect and strength will come to you.” Thus Hanuman blessed them with these boons.


Such is the power and influence that Hanuman possesses. Those who worship this Lord, who wiped away the distress faced by all the beings, will never be afraid. They will emerge wiser.


Om Namo Hanumate Namaha.


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