Datta maata 1: Satsang and Divya naama sankeertana are two wings to fly away from samsara

To err is human. Few commit mistakes unknowingly but few do them knowingly. The results of the mistakes done with our knowledge are worst. Each one of us know this. We wonder whether we can really win over them or not. There is a simple technique for this. While a mistake is about to happen, you must say in your mind that you are doing a mistake and you are unable to overcome it. This is the shortest way to win over. Satsanga (friendship of the pious and noble souls) will help you get that in your mind time and again. Also, you must make a habit of doing Divya Nama Sankirtana (singing the divine glory). Good friendship and Nama Sankirtana only can control the mind. Ignoring any of these will only establish the mistake committed, making it even more stronger. Hence Satsanga and Nama Sankirtana must be a part and parcel of human life.

Uḍḍiya dūradapayātumicchuḥ sakhē! durabhyāsavanāt yadi tvaṁ;
Sri viṣṇusankīrtana sādhusaṇge badhāna pakṣāviva rājahamsaḥ.

How beautiful this is! The bad habits are like whips. We can’t escape from their grip so easily. They can also be compared to a wild forest where we are trapped in. It is a forest of bad habits which is very tough and thorny. We cannot find our way out. So, the best thing to do is to fly away from this forest with wings called Satsanga and Divya Nama Sankirtana. There is no other way. By obtaining these wings, we can escape from the wild forest (bad habits and vices) like a royal swan and we can reach the Manasa Sarovara – eternal bliss!

Jaya Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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