Vanara Gita 37: The unsurpassed might of Hanuman

From the very moment Hanuman undertook to execute Lord Rama’s task, His fame began to spread in all the worlds. Even before this, Hanuman was famous. But now, after undertaking Rama’s task, his fame enveloped all the planes of existence.

His fame enveloped even the Deva loka (plane of Gods)! It evoked discussions even among the Gods. His marvelous deeds and his fame brought him the support as well as the protection from all the Gods. The fact that a Vānara was performing so many marvelous deeds, that too in the form of a service towards his master, stirred the Gods to move and come to his aid. All the 333 crore Devatas helped Hanuman in his mission that was undertaken in service of Lord Rama. It can be said that to ensure success in execution of Rama’s task, each and every God transferred his energy and strength to one strand of hair in Hanuman’s body!

Destruction of the massive Ashoka Vana (Ravana’s private garden) in Lanka, killing singlehandedly the ferocious, terrible demon Aksha (son of Ravana), standing at the centre-most major crossroad in Lanka and singing loudly the glories of Lord Rama, boldly sitting in Ravana’s court and advising him are instances that prove the courage of Hanuman.

Standing boldly amidst crores of demons, in the centre of the city of Lanka, Hanuman had the guts to loudly shout victory slogans glorifying Lord Rama. What better example than this is needed to display his courage? Not just Ravana, but also his sons and his entire set of ministers, were terrible demons with limitless magical powers. Remember that there are two kinds of supernatural powers- good and evil. The demons of Lanka possessed unlimited evil supernatural powers, not to forget that they possessed tremendous physical strength as well. Hanuman was a one-man army. Yet, the courage he displayed by loudly and boldly shouting victory slogans praising Lord Rama, sitting in the centre of Ravana’s court and preaching Ravana are praiseworthy. His commanding language and the manner in which he opposed Ravana is amazing. How much ever it is spoken of, it will never suffice.

The manner in which he ultimately brought peace to Mother Sita, and the way in which he set fire to the city of Lanka are praiseworthy. When his tail was torched, he fearlessly flew across the city setting all the buildings on fire. Remember that these magnificent buildings in Lanka were magical and illusory. Even such buildings melted like wax. For containing the power to burn down the entire city, his tail is glorified.

Every part of his body, be it his eyes, nose, heart, tail, ears, or even the tip of the tail is as strong as a diamond. He has a Vajrakaya i.e. body that is as strong and hard as a diamond. Even many Vajrayudhas (diamond weapons) collectively could not have injured, even minutely, any part of his body. As we all know, Vajrayudha is the weapon held by Lord Indra (Lord of Heaven). Akin to the Brahmastra this powerful weapon when struck cannot miss its mark. If Hanuman’s body itself is compared to this diamond weapon Vajrayudha, then how powerful would he be? He is a moving thunderbolt, a flying thunderbolt, a thunderbolt whose strike will never miss its mark. He is a thunderbolt who crushes the demons and zealously protects his ardent devotees.

His body glows with infinite divine radiance. His radiance dazzles like a diamond. Each and every hair on his body is as large as the city of Ayodhya and possesses infinite power. On his vast body there are crores of such hair. Each hair eternally vibrates with the name of Rama- ‘Rama, Rama, Ram, Rama…’. When Hanuman says ‘Rama’ once, each and every hair vibrates with the name ‘Rama’. Thus his whole body vibrates with the divine name ‘Rama’. Just listening to this makes every hair on our body stand up.

Om Namo Hanumate Namaha.

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