Vanara Gita 38: Hanuman’s strong body is the result of endless Pranayama and Nama japa

The weight of Hanuman’s strong powerful diamond body caused the mighty Mountain Mahendra to be reduced into tiny pieces! When Hanuman was flying to Lanka, the Mountain Mainaka rose up from under the seas. It is impossible to describe the strength contained within this massive and mighty Mountain Mainaka. Even such a mountain trembled fearfully when Hanuman gave it a single blow. It is said that Mainaka’s head reeled completely and he fell down due to the effect of this blow.

Likewise, Hanuman hit Lankini Devi (deity who zealously guarded the impregnable gates of the city of Lanka) with his fist and caused her to collapse. Who do you think was Lankini? She was a Devata; a yaksha (celestial being). It can be said that she was a cursed illusory being who appeared as a Devata yaksha. One blow from Hanuman’s fist was enough for this illusory being to collapse. It is another matter, however, that with this blow, she was rid of her curse.

Hanuman could get this strong and healthy body due to never-ending practice of Pranayama and meditation (dhyana). Endlessly He meditated upon Rama- ‘Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama…’. That’s all. There is no other thought and no other talk. Rama is included in each and every word spoken by Him. As devotees of Lord Hanuman, we too should practice this at least a bit. Every word spoken should have reference to Lord Rama. Be it in mind or speech, the eagerness to complete Lord Rama’s task should exist within us.

Hanuman sang the glories of Lord Rama every minute and in every situation. At the time of flying across the ocean, when he met Sita Devi, at the time of meeting Rama’s devotee Vibhishana, when seated in Ravana’s court, when carrying the Mountain Sanjivini, and even when Demon Indrajit left the powerful weapon Brahmastra, Hanuman only sang the praises of Rama. All the demons whom he came across when flying over the ocean were told the glories of Lord Rama.

Hanuman has fixed the mantra ‘Rama’ into every breath of His. It is a noiseless repetition of the name. During inhalation the word ‘Ra’ is uttered mentally and during exhalation it is the word ‘Ma’. Thus every breath automatically states ‘Ra….ma…’ We too should put this into practice. When listened carefully, the mantra is audible.

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