Vanara Gita 45:By his presence, Hanuman showers auspiciousness

Sorrows cannot exist where Hanuman exists. This single factor ensured that Sugriva, who had completely placed his faith in Hanuman, could be eternally happy and peaceful even amidst hostile surroundings. Vali, the brother of Sugriva was a demon of unconquerable might. Added to this, he was also an expert conjurer. Using illusory tricks he could have in some way or the other killed Sugriva. It was only due to the presence of Hanuman by his side that Sugriva remained alive. Had Hanuman not been around, surely Sugriva would have met his end in the hands of his brother Vali.

Having Hanuman by his side brought about all auspiciousness to Sugriva. It was Hanuman who ensured his friendship with Lord Rama. This in turn led to his becoming the king and enjoying the luxuries of kingship.

When He first saw Hanuman Rama, the omniscient Lord, understood that it was an auspicious turn in life. He realized that His life would now take a turn for the good. From that very moment, every event in the life of Rama turned out to be auspicious. Every day was a special day.

The team led by crown prince Angada was ordered to go in the southern direction in search of Mother Sita. Hanuman was also a member of this team. Rama had implicit faith that Hanuman would accomplish his task and would thus come back with the good news. In the presence of numerous mighty Vanara leaders, Rama especially called Hanuman and gave him a ring with the specific instructions that it should be handed over only to Sita. There were many warriors who were senior to Hanuman in that congregation. Yet, if Rama chose Hanuman, what faith He would have had in Hanuman? Specifying that the ring be handed over to Sita, implies that Rama already knew the whereabouts of Sita.

Upon sighting the majestic and mighty ocean in front of them, Angada’s team realized that they had hit a dead end. Needless to say they were totally dejected and began to lament loudly. They feared Sugriva would kill them for failing in the mission. Just dying at the hands of their king was not so worrisome. The fact that Sugriva would mercilessly torture and kill them was very dejecting. So they concluded that it was better to die by the banks of the ocean than returning home unsuccessfully.

At this critical juncture, Hanuman, with the intention of re-assuring and motivating his team members, proved his might by simply shaking his tail. Just this was greatly reassuring to the others. ‘Why do you grieve when I am around? Just see the feats that I can achieve with my tail-’ saying this he hit the ocean once with his tail. The power of his tail was such that the ocean receded vastly for invisible lengths. The dried up bottom of the ocean was clearly visible to everyone present there. ‘If Hanuman’s tail can accomplish such a major task, then how wondrous would be the feats that Hanuman can accomplish?’ Thinking thus, the Vanaras were greatly enthused. They shed all their fears. Hanuman assured them that he would cross the mighty ocean in a jiffy. He could also carry them and fly, he said.

Anyway, events in life have to take place in the orderly manner. After this, several events took place. In the presence of all the Vanaras, while listening to all their praises and victory slogans, Hanuman playfully crossed the ocean. Hanuman has been cursed to recollect his Universal form and grow enormously only when others praise Him. At all other times, he cannot remember it. As the Vanaras continuously praised and sand his glories, Hanuman began to grow enormously. He showed them His complete universal form and flew to Lanka. Here, it appears that, by singing His praises, the Vanaras helped Him recollect his capacities in entirety. For every praise, he grew by one foot.

Thus Hanuman not only brought cheer to the Vanaras but also to Rama, Sita and to the 330 crores Devatas as well. By handing over Rama’s ring to Sita and Sita’s jewel choodamani to Rama, He breathed life into both of them. He brought brightness & joy to the eyes of Rama and Lakshmana, who had been weeping for months.

Rama was the Supreme Lord’s incarnation as a human being. In this form, He enacted the role of a human being in totality to such an extent that He wept profusely for months at stretch for Sita. All this is maya (illusion). Did He not know where exactly Sita was? But for having incarnated as a human being He acted like one. He did not think of himself as the Supreme Lord. Hanuman brought joy to Rama who was thus grieving.


Om Namo Hanumate Namaha.


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