Vanara Gita 46: Hanuman resides within us in form of life-force

Lord Rama is Puruśa (Self). Mother Sita is Nature (Prakriti). Hanuman is the Prana-shakti (life or vital energy). With Hanuman’s help, Rama and Sita were rendered courageous. They could then fulfill their dharmic duties and emerge totally victorious.

Lord Hanuman resides within us in the form of the life-force (prana shakti).  Supreme Knowledge and Yoga are obtained by the person who meditates upon Hanuman Such person is also relieved from these sorrows caused due to the unending cycle of re-births together with all its bondages.

Anjaneya namastubhyam samsārārṇava tārakah

Prasīda jagatām nātha deva deva namostute


The Vanara by name Ŗṣabha states-

 Karuṇārasa poorṇāya jagadānanda hetave

Kukṣisthākila lokāya Hanumat brahmaṇe namah.

Meaning-  I offer obeisance to Lord Hanuman, who is abounding with the feelings of compassion (karunārasa), who is the cause for the bliss (ananda) enjoyed by this entire universe, who retains all the planes of existence within his stomach and who is none other than Lord Brahma.

For this kalpa (period of 4.32 billion earth years) the four-faced Brahma is the creator. Hanuman will take on this position as Brahma in the next creation (kalpa). Vanara Ŗṣabha therefore offers his salutations to Hanumad Brahma.

Hanuman’s intellect and mind eternally overflow only with feelings of compassion. Apart from compassion there is no other thought in his mind. His heart bleeds when he sees any of his devotees suffering. He stays by the side of such devotees and takes trouble to drive their difficulties.

The mind has been compared to a rock. Just as a rock gradually dissolves with the force of flowing water, a rock-like mind melts under the feelings of compassion. Water is therefore compared to flow of compassion. Our scriptures declare that total dissolution of mind is itself liberation.

Hanuman has been praised here as the ‘cause’ behind the bliss enjoyed by all the planes of existence. Why is it so?

Lord Rama, is in reality none other than the Supreme Lord. Hence He is an embodiment of bliss. The traits of the Supreme Lord are Sat (eternal), Cit (Pure Consciousness, knowledge) and Ananda (bliss). All these various planes of existence derive bliss from His bliss. By driving away the sorrows of this Supreme Lord Rama, Hanuman brought bliss to Him. He also brought bliss to the universal mother Sita. Thus he showered bliss on that Supreme Lord, who himself is an embodiment of bliss. For this reason Hanuman has been bestowed the title ‘Jagadānanda Kāraka’ (the cause for the bliss enjoyed by the entire creation).

At one point of time, when serpents who reside in Nāga-loka were lacking peace, the Serpent-Gods invited Hanuman to their plane. By his mere presence they secured bliss. Similarly, the mere arrival of Hanuman brought about happiness in the entire Brahma-loka. When Hanuman arrived in the lower planetary system called Patala to kill Demon Mayiravana, some demons residing there derived great bliss upon seeing him. They transformed into saints. Hanuman did not kill all the demons in Patala. He spared the noble ones! Such major transformation could take place merely by his darshan!

We have discussed earlier that Hanuman is a partial aspect of Lord Shiva. When Lord Shiva consumed the Halahala poison, His consort, Goddess Gowri, pressed His throat tightly with her hand. “Why are you squeezing my throat in this manner?” asked the Lord. To this, the Divine Mother replied, “O Lord, all the planes of existence exist within your stomach. If this poison travels to your stomach, the living beings therein will suffer.” Therefore, Hanuman, who is an aspect of Shiva, also holds this entire creation within His abdomen.


Om Namo Hanumate Namaha.

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