Vanara Gita 63: Undertake sadhana without expecting any results.

We have discussed that even an ant cannot move unless it is ordained by the Lord! At the same time there are scriptures which declare that success is the result of one’s personal efforts. How to reconcile these statements? Here, it should be understood that without God’s command, the person would not even be inclined towards putting in his personal efforts.

At times, in this world, we come across persons who seem to playfully achieve spiritual success without any personal effort. How is this possible? It appears as if lady luck is smiling upon them for no apparent reason. Their easy success causes immense jealousy in everyone especially in that devotee, who is really putting in tremendous efforts to reach the goal.

Due to envy, this devotee now begins to think- “Ah, I have been working so hard but have seen no success. However, without any effort, he has achieved great spiritual success”. That’s all. With such retrograde thinking, all his efforts which he has put in till date have gone down the drain. Upon seeing other devotees, if he thinks, ‘Look, I am so devoted. But it is he who is getting all attention. He is so close to Swamiji’, then remember that all the devotion and efforts put in so far have simply been washed out.

Instead, one should think, “One day even I will get such luck” and with this belief if he continues his sadhana uninterruptedly, then in all probabilities, he will surely get this luck one day. The other acceptable alternative is to think- “Not being bestowed with such luck is also acceptable to me.”

If, on the other hand, he thinks, “Oh, I am not so lucky, I will never ever get such wonderful chance”, he will never secure it.  At the same time, to secure God’s grace, spiritual efforts should not be undertaken with an expectation that it will unquestionably yield successful results. The focus of the aspirant should not be upon the end result but on the efforts to be put in by him.

He should learn to think– “I will continue to put in my efforts irrespective of whether I am to be blessed by Him or not. I undertake my sadhana solely because I love it”. Sadhana when undertaken with such attitude will undoubtedly be successful.  

Why are certain people acquiring spiritual successes easily in life without any strenuous personal efforts on their part? Here, it is to be understood that it is happening due to God’s will. It is the efforts that they had put in during some prior birth, which is paying off in this birth.

We cannot even visualize the efforts that any person is putting in within this birth. How then are we to know about the efforts that he had put in during any previous births? Outwardly, it may appear as if the person is not even putting in the required basic efforts during this birth. It appears as if he arrives, pays his obeisance to the Lord and then sits simply. He does not recite any mantra nor write it. What we cannot visualize however, is the efforts that he is putting in within his mental plane. We cannot observe his mental prayers.

Our observation being limited to his physical movements, we tend to think, “Without any efforts on his part, he is securing so many blessings. I have written the mantra crores of times; yet Swamiji does not even look into my face. That person has written just once or twice, but look, Swamiji is speaking so affectionately to him.” With this statement the result of all the 10 million mantras that you had written up to now is simply washed down the drain.

Why are you bothered about others? You do not know in which birth, and how many crores of mantras that person has written. A change should be brought in our way of thinking- “Oh, his efforts of some previous birth are bearing fruit now. If I undertake my sadhana to the best of my ability in this birth, then in some future birth I may reap its benefit”. This is good.

“Oh, what is the use of all my efforts that I have put in so far? I might as well stop writing the nama from now on”. The person who decisively thinks in this manner will be a total loser on both counts. The merits of the nama japa done to-date has already been washed out for reasons explained above and hereinafter as he has decided to discontinue the same, there cannot be any further accumulation in this aspect. This is the worst possible outcome.

The type of result that should be bestowed for any sadhana performed by someone, be it in this birth or any previous births, rests solely with the Guru. He will decide what type of reward is to be showered for the sadhana performed. As He knows the past history of one and all, He chose to speak to that person who had recited the mantra only 10 times in this birth. What could be wrong in this?

Time is just an endless flow. It is best to go with the flow of time. The one who completely restrains his mind and goes with the flow will emerge victorious. He will successfully cross over this vast ocean called samsara. Even the best swimmer cannot swim against the current (tide). Likewise, it is foolish to go against time.

Entertaining such needless doubts only ruins the person who would have just taken the baby steps in spiritual sadhana. Due to these doubts, he will completely bring to a halt all these spiritual activities. He is harming his own mind. It is self-destruction.


Om Namo Hanumate namah

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