Vanara Gita 64: Polluting the mind leads to downfall

At times, in this world, we come across persons who seem to playfully achieve spiritual success without any personal effort. How is this possible? It appears as if lady luck is smiling upon them for no apparent reason. This too is the outcome of the Lord’s grace. We have no idea of the efforts that they had put in during their previous births. We should understand that they are enjoying the resultant fruits in this birth.

Secondly, it is God who decides the kind of result He wishes to bestow for any spiritual practices upon any individual.

We experience both the good and bad results of our earlier actions. Just because Swamiji is saying this, it is incorrect to keep waiting for the other person to experience the results for his past sins at the earliest. ‘When will problems begin in his life?’- there are people who wait for neighbours to land into difficulty. They fret when others successfully clear their exams. Instead of concentrating on their own studies and preparing well for the upcoming exams, they focus eternally on the competitor. Instead of going with the flow, they choose to go against the tide.

It is better to move on without focusing and wasting time on useless doubts. Entertaining wasteful doubts pollutes one’s mind. In addition these qualities cause one’s own downfall.  Polluting the mind leads to one’s downfall.

Vanara Taruna says that everything happens only due to Hanuman’s will. He firmly believes that every step takes place with Lord’s will. ‘Let the life’s events unfold as destined by the Lord. I shall unfailingly hold on to the Lord’s feet and meditate solely upon Him. This is my duty. I will not leave him because of unpleasant events that land on my head.’ This is the correct attitude.

The entire secret is embedded in the word ‘Hanumad ajna’ i.e. Hanuman’s command. Only the person who understands this logic sails through life easily. Those who don’t understand will continue to lament that the other person who does nothing gets rewarded for no apparent reason. Due to such persistent thoughts he will continue to rotate in difficulties. He will also acquire demonic tendencies; become slack in devotion and will move in the wrong direction. To add to the distress, he will find that success shines even more brightly upon the person who apparently does nothing. That person will be inching closer to the goal.

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