Vanara Gita 65: Learning to accept mistakes is a noble trait.

Gomukha, the Vanara, praises the Lord in this manner-

Aparādha śatam nityam kurvāām mām nṛsamshakam

Kshamasva dāsā bhudyā tvam hanuman karunānidhe.

Meaning- O Hanuman! O Lord who overflows with endless compassion! Considering me as your servant kindly forgive and protect me, the miscreant, who has been committing hundreds of mistakes every single day.

There is a very famous hymn with a very identical meaning to Parameshwara-

aparādha sahasrani kriyanthe aaharnisam maya,

Dāso yam ithi mām mathwa kshamaswa parameshwara

Meaning- O Supreme Lord! I have been committing thousands of wrongdoings. Treating me as your servant, please forgive and protect me.

Everyone commits mistakes. However, only a few accept their mistakes. Mahatmas accept even those mistakes that they have not committed. They will say, “Perhaps this mistake took place because of me. Maybe it was my fault. Ok, why all this fuss. This is my mistake”. So saying, they will simply accept it. The truth would be that they were in no way responsible for it. Yet, as they have been accused, they will accept by saying, “as far as I know, the mistake did not take place. It may have happened without my knowledge. But ok, since you are saying, it must be true. It is my mistake. I am responsible”. In this manner, they speak the truth yet at the same time they take upon themselves the responsibility of the mistake.

Mean, petty-minded people, on the other hand, will argue, “What is this? On what basis do you hold me responsible? I am meeting you for the very first time and you say that I have harmed you? How can I harm when I have not even entered into your home? Do you mean to say that I broke this object? I have never seen you holding the object and you say that I have broken it. How could it be possible?”

Such petty minded persons refrain from accepting their mistakes. They go to any extreme to prove themselves right. They declare that they do not have even the minutest idea about the mistake and that they were not present in the vicinity at that time. In-between, they will add tidbits of their inherent great traits and nature. They boast of the greatness of their lineage, their ancestors, their father, grandfather and of themselves. Tell me, who can ever help such persons? Only Hanuman should come to their rescue and set them right.

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