Vanara Gita 68: Only when a person considers himself to be God’s servant, he tastes supreme success

In the earlier eons demons too feared sins. They feared falling into hell as a result of which they could never reach higher planetary systems.

It can be said that although the demons disliked the Supreme Lord, they dedicatedly adhered to about 80% of the rules of dharma (righteousness). It was this dedication in the observance of the rules of dharma that protected them at all times. It also made it all the more difficult to subdue or defeat them. In certain aspects however, their atrocities, vices and evil-mindedness were unabated. The Lord would instigate them to proceed further in this evil path, so that it would pave the way for their destruction.

Gomukha, who was very righteous, advises everyone to fear sin. At the same time he urges everyone to develop an intellect that will guide on the path of dharma (dharma buddhi).

Hanuman’s prayer to Lord Rama was- dāsoham kosalendrasya– ‘Oh Lord Rama, please eternally consider me your servant’. Only a person who entertains the feelings that he is a servant of the Lord ultimately emerges successful. Dharma (righteousness) protects such person. It is totally wrong to think- ‘Why should I surrender to the Lord?” One should always entertain the feelings that everyone is a servant of the Sadguru.

There is a hymn in which the composer in all humility prays– Daasaradhi karuna payonidhi– ‘O Son of Dasaratha, Lord Rama, the ocean of mercy’.  Gomukha teaches that the Lord showers His compassion upon those devotees who are full of such humility. He will forgive them too.


Pavanasa (Panasa), the Vanara composes the last hymn of this Vanara Geeta-


Hanumato na param paramārdhathah

Idi vadāmi janān paramārdhatah

Na hi param bhavatātra vichakshanah.

 Iteedham vanara proktam sarva pāpaharam varam sarva jnānapradam caiva sarva soubhāgya vardhanam.

 Iti śri parāśara samhitāyām, parāśara maitreya samvāde śri pancha-mukha hanuman mantra vivaraṇe śri vānara geeta nāma samāptaha.


Meaning- When seen from the angle of the Absolute Truth, there is no truth which is greater than Hanuman! There is nothing more superior to Him! Hence there is no necessity to entertain any other thought.

There is nothing greater than Hanuman. Hanuman and Hanuman mantra eternally exist. Hanuman is the life force (prana shakti). Life force is all-pervading and eternal. When this universe was born, it was born together with the life force. How then can this life force disappear from here? There is no knowledge that is superior to this knowledge. Therefore the understanding that Hanuman is the only true essence should seep into one and all. This is the most superior knowledge. Panasa declares that acquiring this knowledge is equivalent of obtaining everything in entirety!


Om Namo Hanumate Namah

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