Vanara Gita 69: Develop the ability to visualize Supreme Essence in every object

Pavanasa, the Vanara, declares that when seen from the angle of the Supreme Essence, there is no truth superior to Hanuman. Nothing exists beyond Hanuman. A complete understanding of this truth is in itself the most supreme knowledge.

Just step back and deeply think, “I know nothing except the truth that there is no one greater than Hanuman. There is no mantra superior to His mantra”. Such in-depth understanding is in itself the Upanishad! It is the supreme-most knowledge! Pavanasa states that a deep understanding of this knowledge is equivalent of obtaining everything!

In this last hymn of Vanara Geeta, the essence of Hanuman has reached its zenith!

Every being should necessarily possess the Paramārtha drishti. It means he should possess the ability to visualize the supreme essence in every object throughout the creation. Through this, the real secret will be known.

By saying that there exists no truth greater than Hanuman, it is implied that Hanuman is none other than the Supreme Lord. Thus, Panasa (also known as Pavanasa), in this last hymn of Vanara Gita, authoritatively and affirmatively proclaims that Hanuman is the Supreme Lord!

‘Panasa’ means Jackfruit. Jackfruit has a prickly and hard exterior but, when cracked open, it contains numerous bulb-like fleshy fruits inside that are deliciously sweet. Each of these fleshy fruits is exactly identical in shape and in sweetness. (The same essence flows through all the fleshy fruits within the jackfruit). Likewise, all these manifold forms seen in the universe are forms of that non-dual Lord.

Pavanasa opines that for the welfare of the universe, the Supreme Lord has assumed attributes and qualities, and has incarnated as Hanuman. He further affirmatively declares that there is no need to harbour any other thought besides this. Without wasting time, continuously recite Hanuman mantra. Give up all useless suspicions and doubts. With continuous recitation of Hanuman mantra, all these doubts that are basically a sheer waste, will begin to disappear.

Hanuman means Shiva. Who is Shiva? Shiva means ‘Paramaguru’. The term ‘Paramaguru’ means the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. All these are linked. The combination of this Trinity is the Supreme Mother (Adi Parāshakti). For this reason, Guru is addressed as the Mother. Guru is also addressed as the Father and this is because He is Shiva. Guru, being Shiva is also addressed as the Paramaguru. Such Lord Shiva has incarnated as Hanuman. Who is Hanuman? Hanuman is the all-pervading life force (prana).

Here, the hymn states that one should contemplate on such Lord Hanuman and recite His mantra at all times.

Vanara Geeta is a collection of hymns composed by the Vanaras. It is a great powerful hymn that washes away every sin! It bestows every form of knowledge on the person! This Vanara Gita has the capacity to increase all forms of auspiciousness. It grants the Supreme Knowledge. Those who recite Vanara Gita with utmost devotion will receive blessings and grace of Hanuman. 

Thus concludes Vanara Geeta, which exists within the description being given of the Panchamukha Hanuman mantra. It is the 76th chapter and exists as a conversation between Maharishis Parashara and Maitreyi within the holy text Parashara Samhita.

We are all very fortunate. It is my (Swamiji, referring to Himself) great fortune to be able to narrate it to all of you. You are all very fortunate to hear Vanara Geeta. Together all of us are exceedingly fortunate to be able to listen to the glories of that great Lord Hanuman and to be able to recite His mantra. The deep feelings and reverence that each vanara had towards Hanuman has been brought out as a hymn that is contained within this Parashara samhita.


Om Namo Hanumate Namah

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