Vanara Gita 70: The story of Durmukha.

Hanuman is unparalleled and beyond comparison. In any period of time, there can never be anyone who can ever equal him. Listening to his glories brings good reputation and fame.  It bestows the pleasures of heaven and showers liberation.

Some time after His coronation as the King of Ayodhya, Lord Rama called Hanuman and said, “Hanuman, you have showered limitless favours upon me. When Lakshmana and me were facing the greatest hardships of our life, you stood by our side and instilled courage into us. Just as the boat arrives at the right moment to save the drowning man, you sensibly caused our friendship with Sugriva and thus saved us. You were the boat that rescued us from sinking. By passing on my message, you instilled life into Sita, who was drowning in grief. You revived Lakshmana. For the amount of help that you have rendered, my entire lineage will eternally be indebted to you. Therefore, O dear Hanuman, please choose any boon. Tell me what you seek”.

To this Hanuman replied humbly, “O Lord, devotion towards your lotus feet is all that I seek. What will I do with other boons? Let my devotion towards You be eternal. This is for my eternal good”.

This was the boon sought by the mighty and wise Hanuman! A boon should be sought with all humility. Complete grace is received only when the seeking is accompanied by humility.

Hanuman’s reply brought a smile to the face of the Lord. Laughing happily He said, “Hanuman, I am granting you a village by the name of Hanumatpura. Please accept it. The learned and wise Brahmins of that village will be serving you.”

Hanuman happily accepted this village. With golden and silver towers, enormous exquisite gardens, with the people of all the four castes happily living within it, this village is eternally abounding. The Brahmins of this village consecrated many vast and large temples for Hanuman. The idol of Hanuman together with Suvarchala Devi has also been installed in this village. They worshipped and revered the Lord.

One generation paved way to the next. Eons passed by. Yet, the Brahmins of the village continued to worship Hanuman with utmost zeal, dedication and devotion.  They offered the best of the services to the Lord. They celebrated all the festivities pertaining to the Lord with all enthusiasm.

One day however, Demon Durmukha, the son of Kālayavana, arrived there with an intention of looting the village. Durmukha means evil or ugly faced. His behavior was in accordance with his name. He sent his army into the village and called all the Brahmins to assemble before him. Durmukha said to them, “Hand over to me this village together with all your wealth stored in it. Together with your families, leave this village this instant. I want this village.” The Brahmins replied, “Sir, this village has been granted to us by Lord Hanuman himself. He is our presiding deity (Kula daiva) here. On no account we will leave this village.”

Durmukha seethed in anger, “I am the Lord of everyone. I am the Supreme Lord. Who is this Hanuman? How dare he come in between? If you do not obey my orders and leave this village, I will heinously torture and smash you all.”

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