Who is a spiritual Guru?

A Self-realized Sadguru is the form of the Self (atma). He lives within you. The word ‘Guru’ is very special. ‘Gu’ means our sins and karmas. ‘Ru’ refers to their destruction. Guru purifies the person who has sought shelter and makes him complete by destroying his sins and blessing him with Self-knowledge. Obtaining Self-knowledge results in ultimate bliss.

Guru plays a very special role in our life. He removes our ignorance and destroys our ego. He is that family member who unhesitatingly shows us what pure love is. He is like a mirror. The mirror can have no merit or sin (punya-pāpa). It merely reflects our actions. It is the same with the Guru. We get from Him whatever we give Him. That is why we should increase our bhakti and love towards Him. He will return the same to us in greater levels.

  • Bhaktimala Aug ‘02, May ‘04 & Sep ‘06

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