Ego is a terrible disease

Ego is a terrible disease. It causes blindness in people who fail to recognize and acknowledge ‘God’. There are many who spend years on intense meditation and yoga but still say, “I, mine, my money, my knowledge, my opinion, my words” and so on. There are many who are in great positions or are extremely wealthy or very highly educated. Undoubtedly they are blessed with power, position, wealth and great worldly knowledge. If they adopt the policy of selfless action that is devoid of any expectations (nishkāma karma) they will definitely end up as liberated souls.

Ego has a companion always in the form of desires. People at times openly declare that they have overcome ego. Without realizing the power of God, they claim to know everything or control everything. All this happens due to ego. Unless we analyze deeply we cannot even recognize the ego in us. This ego needs to be destroyed at the earliest. Unless it is destroyed the real bliss cannot be achieved.

To get rid of ego, sacrifice (tyaga) is essential. For whom should we sacrifice? We should sacrifice for our community, our family and for our country. Only then our mind will become pure and realization will dawn upon us. All this is explained very beautifully in Ganesha Purana.

We refer to ‘I’ to address ourselves. This ‘I’ represents our ego. Cutting of this ego is represented by the cross + . This is also the symbol of Christ. But this symbol existed long before him. It is there in our Puranas. By encouraging healthy thoughts and engaging in social activities also the ego can be destroyed. Don’t be content with just the offering you make. You should offer the ego behind the action to your Sadguru. This is a lesson. You will then be blessed with Self-knowledge.


  • Bhaktimala Sep 99 Dec 2002

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