Srinivasa Kalyanam 10: In order to be amidst his devotees, the Lord decides to incarnate and remain eternally on earth

Sakrudeva prapannyah TavAsmeeti chayachat
Abhayam sarva bhootebhyo DadAmyE tat vratam mama !

If you plead for protection just once, it is my vow to protect the disciple, irrespective of his/her caste, creed, gender. I protect even animals or birds or any micro organism even.

Even if demon Ravana seeks refuge, I will give him protection- said Rama. It is my vow.
In Krishnaavatara Swamy said :
sarva Dharman Partyajya MAmekam Sharanam Vraja
Ahamtva Sarva PApebhyo Moksha Ishyami Ma Suchaha

I will free you from all sins that are obstacles to obtain me. I will free you from every form of sin. Even if I have to face obstacles in freeing you from sin, I will go ahead and protect you. You need not worry. Some sins are difficult to eliminate.

For instance, a thorn can be removed only with the aid of another thorn. If we decide to pray to the thorn to go away on its own, will it come out? When a thorn pierces, you have to face the pain to take it out forcibly. Likewise, sin has to be removed then and there forcibly.

To take out a thorn, we have to use another sharp device though it pains.We should not leave everything to Paramatma and trouble God. Instead of taking it out with a thorn, if we meditate, try Music therapy or kriya yoga, nothing works as we need to have discretion in dealing with the problem. We should not delay, neglect and transfer the trouble to Sadguru or God.

Here is an example from the life of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. An egoistic yogi challenged Ramakrishna Paramahamsa to walk on water. Yogi walked on water, then Ramakrishna said that there was no necessity for wasting hard-earned spiritual practice just to walk on water and that he could as well pay 10 paise to cross the river on boat. WE should not trouble God for petty problems. We should try to solve them ourselves. Spiritual sadhana should not be done with any expectation.That spiritual power should not be used for petty things.

Sins are hurdles in path of spiritual progress. God promised that he breaks all the hurdles and protect you since you prayed and sought refuge. So He will rescue you from all sins even if you have not explicitly prayed for it. Even if you want to become devilish, God still comes to you and protects.

Learn to pray with selfless attitude. If you say, “I will not pray as it will be a trouble to Sadguru to protect me”- it is incorrect. That is not good. Not praying. If you stop doing things like puja, meditation and service what about progress? Do not wish for any boon. God says that despite all difficulties I protect you. You only surrender and submit your happiness. Perform sevas in the name of Sadguru.You pray, meditate and submit to me and take refuge in me.

Offer to the Lord the merit that you have obtained due to prayer. Learn to perform archana in God’s or Guru’s name. With this, we are conducting the worship selflessly.Offer the fruits of worship to the Lord. Offer everything to me. Surrender to me- said Lord Krishna.

After completing the incarnation the Lord was constantly returning to Vaikuntha . He would incarnate and then after completing the purpose He would return. But somehow Srihari did not like this method of returning back home. So He devised a plan.

Therefore Srihari took a vow:

Vaikuntham Va Parityakshye Na Bhaktan dyattu utsahe
Meru Divyani madbhakta Iti Sankalpa VAnabhu !

I will rather be away from Vaikuntha but will not away from my devotees who have surrendered totally to Me.

Srihari decided to live amidst people on earth and establish righteousness in people. I will request Varahaswamy who will give me a place of 7 feet at least. When He decided, Goddess Lakshmi also resolved to come to the Earth. Sri Datta Venkateswara Swamy wanted 50 square feet but had occupied 8 acres of land. Jaganmatha also got to know His thought. As she is in His heart, Vyuhalakshmi , also felt the urgency to come down to the earth to protect Her devotes.

Neeraja Nayane Nija Hrudayeshwari Narayana Sathi Neevamma Nee Padamulane Niratamunammiti Nanu Dayachoodaga Ravamma !!

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