Srinivasa Kalyanam 9: Using his tusks, Lord Varaha rescues us, who have sunk into the oceans called illusion

We will get a doubt here. When Venkateshwara is already an incarnation, why is Varahaswamy on the earth? To protect His devotees, Vishnu took the form of Lord Venkateshwara. Lord Vishnu takes various forms simultaneously to protect His disciples and to establish peace in the world. For example, in Rama Avatara, He also incarnated as Parashurama. In Krishna Avatara, He also incarnated as Balarama. For various purposes Lord Vishnu takes various forms. It is never possible for a common man to be present in two forms. But the Lord takes various forms to establish righteousness.

Govinda namam madhuram madhuram Bhavajaladhi tarakam shubha dayakam You have to test your mind at times, not just asking questions and doubts all the time. You should not get doubts too frequently. It is like uprooting the sapling on and off to check its growth. It is mere time waste. Such person’s life is a mere waste. You do not go to temple.You do not read Bhagavatam. You don’t have any protection. You cannot pass in your life. Sadguru also does not care. Nobody should have a spiritual downfall.

If a farmer loses one sheep, he should not go behind that missing one, as he has to take care of the remaining hundred sheep. Sadguru also does the same thing. If a devotee is careless and does not perform his duty to remain in the good books of Sadguru, why does Sadguru require to take care of that devotee? He might pretend to be listening to the list of devotee but He just pretends. That is why we have to participate in all the righteous deeds that are performed by Sadguru.

Of course He does take care but why? Hence every devotee should perform one’s own duty perfectly. This story is from the Bible. Srihari’s incarnation is unlimited. There is no beginning, no middle, and no end.  Forever – unending, Anantha. He is the creator, He is the protector. He is the destroyer. Both as Varahaswamy as well as Venkateshwara, Srihari is protecting the people. We feel the vibrations of God in our body. Hence it is a must to have his darshan!

The one who is taking care to energize Mooladhara (the first spiritual centre), thus taking care of our health, is none other than Lord Varaha. Varaha protects the earth. Hence we are supposed to pray to Varahaswamy. Our body itself is Earth. We have sunk into this worldly illusion. Varahaswamy is rescuing us by pulling us out from the ocean called illusion using His tusks. For this reason we have to worship Lord Varaha. For our health and for the energizing the Mooladhara chakra, Lord Varaha should be worshipped.


 We have to acquire knowledge of God before the soul leaves the body. Every organ is controlled by one God. The deities take care of all the organs of this body. we chant Keshavaya namah, Narayanaya namah- all these deities are within the limbs of the body. The body is the temple of God. We have to pray to all the main deities residing in our body organs sincerely without fail. To obtain this Spiritual KNowledge and spiritual growth we have to pray to Varahaswamy and only then to our Sadguru Lord Venkateswara who is our creator and protector. Srihari loves Bhooloka and devotees. He grants innumerable boons to devotees.

Having spoken about Lord Varaha, we shall now proceed to have darshan of Lord Venkateshwara.

Even though the Lord loves the 14 lokas, He loves Earth the best!

Paritranaya SAdhunam Vinashayacha Dushkrutam Dharma Sansthapanardhaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge !!

In each incarnation, God undergoes lot of struggle to keep up the vow taken before taking up that particular incarnation. If we learn and understand  the vows taken by God, we will understand the real Tattva. For the sake of humans, the Lord is willing to go to any extent. Gajendra Moksham is an example. Listening to the cries of Gajendra, Srihari goes in haste not informing Lakshmi Devi, not carrying any weapons, not bothering for the clothing on his body. Srihari’s main intention was to protect His devotee who sought refuge in the Lord. In Rama Avatara, Vibheeshana Sharanagati is an excellent episode in which Sri Rama  had taken a very powerful wow to protect Vibheeshana .

Sakrudeva prapannyah
Tavasmeeti chayavat
Abhayam sarva bhootebhyo
Dadamye tat vratam mama !

If you plead for protection just once, I will immediately protect you. It is my vow. it is my vow to protect the entity who has sought refuge, irrespective of its caste, creed, gender. I protect irrespective of whether it is animals or birds or any micro organism.

we should learn to pray. To protect us is his vow. Rama never suspected Vibheeshana when he sought refuge in Him. We need to learn to pray God. Rest is taken care by God. “Rama said that He would pardon even Ravana if he came and sought refuge in Rama .

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