Srinivasa Kalyanam 11: Great sages undertake severe penance seeking that the Lord should incarnate on Earth

Since God resolved to protect you, God does protect you passing through all the difficulties that come across in the process of protecting you.We should not trouble God for petty issues. People expect salvation by chanting OM NAMO HANUMATHE NAMAH, just because sadguru initiated. We do not know where to speak what .

God promised that He would protect you despite the difficulties he had to face in cleansing you of your sins. if people are becoming demons why should God take care of them ? You say ” I will not pray as it will be a trouble to Sadguru to protect me.” Not praying is not good. If you stop doing things like puja, meditation and service what about progress? Pray without having a desire. Do not wish for any boon.

God says that despite all difficulties He protects you. You only surrender and submit your happiness to Him. Perform sevas in the name of Sadguru. You pray, meditate and submit the merit to Sadguru. and take refuge in Him. Submit the merit that you get due to prayer to Sadguru. Varahaswamy had taken many vows to protect His devotees. There is no point in avoiding rituals . Nishkama karma (selfless service) is advised.

Every time after the completion of the purpose of the incarnation the Lord returns back to Vaikuntha is the procedure. But somehow Srihari did not like the way of taking up an avatara and ending the avatara and going away from the devotees.

Srihari decided to live amidst people and establish righteousness among people.He thought that He could stay away from Vaikuntha, but could never be away from the devotees who depend on Him. Srihari and who had sought refuge in HIm.
“I  will request Varahaswamy to give me a place of 7 feet atleast.” – thought Lord Srihari.

When Sri Hari decided, Mahalakshmi also planned to settle on the Earth.( Sri Datta Venkataeswara Swamy wanted 50 square feet but had occupied 8 acres of land.)

Lakshmi who resides in his heart came to know of his intention. Lakshmi had intense feelings of settling on the Earth to bestow prosperity on the devotees. That was the time for Srihari to land on the Earth. .
Bhajan :Neeraja Nayane Nija Hridayeswari Narayana Sati Neevamma ! Nee Padamulane Niratamu Nammiti, Nanu daya Choodaga Ravamma.

It is time for SriHari to come down to earth. Bringing Gods and Goddesses to the earth is not that easy a job. People have to pray and meditate a lot for this to happen. Many types of meditations need to be performed across many births.It is not possible with our meditation classes that are popular these days.

Bringing God down to earth is possible only for selfless sages who perform selfless penance giving up food, physical comfort and even the thought process. We never find the element of selfishness in such sages. That is why they could be of help to the world. They are the true spiritual soldiers. They also curse each other for the sake of universal prosperity. They can also create their own body again. This is also a sacrifice since they are using their spiritual powers to protect the world with selfless attitude. For them, only God is the Manager. They need not oblige anyone else.

All such sages performed a yagna at the banks of River Ganges. Within no time the place was cleaned.

A clean place is the abode of Mahalakshmi. God resides in such clean places. For this reason houses should be kept clean. A lamp should be lit daily in every home.

Yagna kundas emerged from the Earth. All of them had vowed by taking bath in River Ganges. It was a very big yagna. Yagna Kundas have emerged from the mother earth. All the vessels, samidha (fire wood) and other materials required for Yagna also have arrived there. All the people saying Govinda Govinda and also chanting mantras, started taking bath in the river.

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